Thunder Bay – Sunday

These things are everywhereAnother Thunder Bay hero riding his bicycle on the street where it belongs.Hopefully this water being pumped out of this building on a regular basis will stop once the temperatures drop below freezing. Ice covered sidewalks are dangerous.Some people prefer bottles over cans.  Why they do not bring the bottle back and collect the deposit is beyond me.Looks like another restaurant in the north core has shut its door.This antique shop on Red River Road is also closed.Why break it?  I think this outlet is located at the lowest point in the new parking lot constructed at the south end of Marina Park.  I suspect that most of the surface runoff flows through here.Obligatory LCBO bag. A rock wall. I wonder why the City of Thunder Bay went for the real rock wall around the Spirt Garden (Wilson Street Headland) instead of the fake type rock wall that is being constructed all over the city?  Oh yes, Queens Park and Ottawa paid for a lot of this. Some old blue rope. ErosionThis is where water flows across the street. Some water slowly makes its way to the catchbasins. However, if the flow of water is heavy, a lot of the water flows over the curb…and erodes the slope Equipment tracks Still says four units left.  Is anyone buying?  Lots of other condos around the city now. Any interest in leasing space in the train station?  Its been six or seven years now?
The same here with this Lot#3 which is being leased by the private developer.  Why is there no construction taking place. Its been…five or six years?  How long do we have to wait?

Acording to the sign, there is no parking from here to….the corner?

No parking on that side of the street as well.But then you see this. and then this.. Sigh….Catchbasin infected with the Thunder Bay disease.Court Street has bike lanes. Just saying… Maybe a coat of paint?  Its by a bus stop sooo….
The Waverley Street at Red River Road fake rock wall.  Looks great, doesn’t it?No way anyone would ever guess its a fake rock wall. Each panel is exactly the same as the other Now this forgotten piece of city infrastructure has a real rock wall.  How much longer this will be around before it gets demolished is anyone’s guess. Notice the difference between real rock construction and fake rock construction.   Graffiti…of course. Can’t be good for the stone wall. Neither can this be good for the structure I suspect this was a lookout at one time.  Before the trees in Waverley Park grew to their present height, you could see the lake from here. Not now.

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