Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Quiet day today. Lots of sun.
DSSAB apartment building at the corner of Algoma and Cornwall StreetsThe tea pot had flowers in it.  I guess someone did not like the flowers decorating the outside of the cafe.Thunder Bay Hydro crews at work.  Colours look great against the blue sky.Why is our tax dollars wasted mailing this political crap out to everyone in the riding?  I am sure most people toss it directly into the recycle bin…more likely, directly into the trash.Still some leaves on the trees.

A half moon

Yup..its still there The giant Antonov AN-124 makes its return  Another train blocking the Camelot Street entrance to Marina Park.  The sign on the engine says its remote controlled.  That is interesting. There was a person sitting in the engine. I am not sure if he was driving the train or if he was the person who goes out and throws the switches.Lots of newspaper trash around town.Loiters in the pedestrian overpass.  Some catchbasin repair work at the corner of Red River Road and Algoma Streets.

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