Canada – Canada Moves Toward Buying Used Australian Fighter Jets

Canada moves toward buying Australian fighter jets, upping ante in trade dispute with Boeing

Canada has taken the first formal step toward buying used Australian FA-18 fighter jets, upping the ante in a trade dispute with U.S. defence giant Boeing.

Public Services and Procurement Canada quietly posted notice on its website over the holiday weekend that it has sent a formal letter expressing interest in the surplus

The purchase, if it goes ahead, would mean there would be no need for the Liberal government to enter into a deal with the U.S. government to buy 18 advanced Super Hornet jets.

That plan has been in a holding pattern since Boeing filed a trade complaint last spring against Montreal-based Bombardier, an action which recently resulted in the U.S. Department of Commerce proposing duties of as much as 300 per cent on the import of passenger jet. – CBC News

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Yes, Canada’s military is now buying second hand military equipment from….Australia?

Seriously?  And we are in the G7 and Australia is not?  Think about that.

Oh how the once  mighty have fallen.  We are now a joke.

Remember  this stuff?

The US has thousands of pieces of military equipment in storage that Canada can buy cheap including jets, tanks and supply ships.  That is what Chile did and we are now leasing that supply ship.  Yes….

Maybe we should just stop trying to be a military power, pull out of NATO and start taking care of our own country.

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