Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Another example of a property pumping water out onto the sidewalk. With temps starting to drop below freezing, I hope this practice stops….soon. Looks like blood. A lot of blood.  Of course this is Thunder Bay… Why was this work not done BEFORE the concrete curbs were installed and the grass was planted? Seriously….why? Pointed this out before.  The line paint is lifting and cracking.  Its was applied late spring this year. Yup..its still there. Some red leaves and some yellow. Some maple leaf photos.

It was that kind of day American Standard…toilets for the hotel? Of course its for sale.  Its a saleboat. A Merganser A raven Anyone missing a pair of jeans? Of course this is Marina Park. 91.5 CKPR Coffee Crew  Sign still up over a month after contractor completed the work

I wonder if anyone pays attention to these signs anymore.  Why would they?

These signs are supposed to protect construction workers and the public as well.  Sooo, why does nobody in this city take them seriously?

Another Thunder Bay hero riding his bicycle on the street where it belongs.

Construction equipment cracked the Algoma Street sidewalk.

The DSSAB apartment building under construction at the corner of Algoma and Cornwall Streets.

The Cornwall Street side. The actual front of the building. Has the work on the roof resumed?  It was stalled for a year or two. Corner of Cornwall and Secord Streets.

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