Thunder Bay – Friday

Nothing new hereHas to be cold in there.  No windows and strong cold winds. Plus the waterfront location.  Its not the time of year you want to be on the lakeshore.The morning steam on the lake is disappearing.  A pair of jet vapour trails makes the scene interesting.The only place colder than the much hyped and much delayed Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel is on that ship out there.  I took a few photos of the MV Federal Barents as there is nothing else out there. Industry
A while back I noted the absence of shouldering material along both edges of the section of the road to Pool 6 that was paved a couple of weeks ago.

Well, someone did something about it.

A pathetic effort but better than nothing.  That should be the City of Thunder Bay’s motto…Thunder Bay, Better than Nothing.

Is this where the sprinkle of gavel came from?  Why else would this chunk of roadbed be missing? Looks like shovel work. The shouldering material must extend beyond the guide rail The shouldering is usually included in the price of asphalt.  Its part of the work..normally. Not in Thunder Bay. Its mostly stones.  There is little else. Plastic bag and foam isn’t going anywhere until spring. Steam frost on the shoreline
Installing this grass matting was a waste of money.   Sections have been removed all over the park Another day, another vehicle parked in a no parking zone directly in front of a marked pedestrian crosswalk.  Why?  Because walking those 50 metres to the parking lot is just sooo far.  And, they won’t get a ticket. Ever!  Yes, that car was parked.  There is nobody in that car and it was there for a loooooong time. Of course, The Baggage Building (Freight Office) is a City of Thunder Bay run facility so it is above the laws that govern everyone else.Plastic going up over windows. The weather is supposed to warm up a bit next week so there might be an opportunity to clean all the ice and leaves off of the fountain pond.  Then put ice on it. Still some ducks and geese around. This goose was interesting to watch.  It was getting out of my way..

but it did not want to fly, so it walked over the rocks

Not an easy thing for a goose but it made it. I noticed this bird hanging around with the Mallards.  A Canvasback duck? Yes, I took a photo of this before, but its unusual and colourful.Expect to see lots of these around after Saturday Waverley Park vacuumed and raked clean The Waverley Pavilion project is not moving very quickly
I wonder what is going to happen with tis?
Does it have a future?The Banning Street construction was always going to go into November.  I believe November is far too late in the year to be doing road construction.  Our high salaried residents of City Hall need to reconsider the scheduling  of road/sewer and water line work.  Start earlier and finish sooner?  Fewer contracts?

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