Thunder Bay – Come On Down To Billy’s Town!

Rebranding attempt hits snag

A Thunder Bay business owner is concerned members of the Fort William Business District weren’t involved in the rebranding process of the south-side business improvement area.

Lori Paras owns the Hub Bazaar on East Victoria Avenue and said members discovered the BIA’s board of directors had started a rebranding process when they stumbled across a survey on a local advertising agency’s Facebook page asking for the community’s input on possible new names for the business district in the downtown south core.

The shortlist of new names for the district were: Billy’s Town, the Kaministiquia District, Uptown and River’s End.

 “We were surprised at the names that were chosen,” said Paras. “The names were just I didn’t feel appropriate for the area.” – Chronicle Journal
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….The shortlist of new names for the district were: Billy’s Town, the Kaministiquia District, Uptown and River’s End….

Seriously?  These are the names that have been shortlisted  Billy’s Town?  Uptown?  River’s End?  Kaministiqua?


Billy’s Town?  How the hell did that make the list?  Uptown?  Not Downtown?  River’s End?  That is the East End.  The river ends over by the East End.  Kaministiqua District?  Who can spell that?

Now I see why the City of Thunder Bay hires consultants.

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    Dear Opinionated Bastard, The sad part of this story is that it has come at the end of some other very controversial decisions by the Chair and Board of the FWBIA. The Petition that is now being circulated in downtown Fort William just asks the Board to meet with its members earlier than 6 months from now. Among other things, we are very concerned that come this Spring—all our fresh flowers will be artificial. Any property owner in downtown Fort William can sign the petition, they do not have to be a member of the FWBIA, as we feel any decision that is made affects the whole downtown. All community members who will be affected by these decisions can also sign, and of course the members of the FWBIA. A copy of the Petition can be found at any of these shops: The Hub Bazaar, Axel’s Plumbing, Silhouette Boutique and Mr. J Men’s Fashion.

    November 6, 2017

    We the undersigned respectfully petition the Fort William Business Improvement Association (FWBIA) Board of Directors to immediately call a general membership meeting to discuss the following initiatives for approval:

    Victoria Ave. BIA By-law/Constitution (BY-LAW NO. 01-2009)
    (C) Powers
    The Board may, on behalf of the B.I.A., exercise all the powers that the B.I.A. may legally exercise in fulfillment of its objects, unless the Board is restricted by law or by the Members from exercising those powers.

    1. The proposed rebranding of the FWBIA.

    2. The proposed change of fresh flowers to imitation in the flower baskets within the FWBIA.

    3. The proposed removal of holiday lights in Patterson Park.

    4. That the Board of Directors present all changes that were made to the Victoria Ave. BIA By-law/Constitution (BY-LAW NO. 01-2009) that were approved by the board February 9, 2017 for approval.

    ( Pass new Bylaws and Terms of Reference – Moved by Raechel Reed; Second: Aldo Ruberto – passed)

    5. That the Board of Directors present the nominations and fill all vacancies on the board at this meeting.

    Under the Municipal Act 2001:


    (a) Nothing contained in this by-law shall require the commission of any act which is contrary to an express provision of the Municipal Act or any by-laws of the Corporation of the City of Thunder Bay relating to the Board of Management of the area or “Business Improvement Areas” as defined by the Municipal Act.
    (b) If there shall exist any conflict between any provision contained in these By-laws and any such provision of the Municipal Act or the By-laws, the latter shall prevail, and the provision or provisions herein affected shall be curtailed, limited or eliminated to the extent (but only to the extent) necessary to remove such conflict, and as so modified these By-laws shall remain in full force and effect.

    By-laws of the BIA may be enacted, repealed, amended, added to or re-enacted by the Board of Management, upon approval of a General Meeting of Members duly called to consider confirmation of such by-law amendment


    210. (1) Before passing a bylaw under subsection 204 (1), clause 208 (2) (b), subsection 208 (3) or section 209, notice of the proposed bylaw shall be sent by prepaid mail to the board of management of the improvement area, if any, and to every person who, on the last returned assessment roll, is assessed for rateable property that is in a prescribed business property class which is located, (a) where the improvement area already exists, in the improvement area and in any geographic area the proposed bylaw would add to the improvement area; and (b) where a new improvement area would be created by the proposed bylaw, in the proposed improvement area. 2001, c. 25, s. 210 (1)

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