Thunder Bay – Saturday

Something red.  Pine Grosbeak? These things are going to get punished by the sidewalk plows this winterI hope the City of Thunder Bay does a better job of clearing the rec trails that were farmed out to the private sector last winter.  The condition of those trails all winter was disgusting….and dangerous. I fell twice myself on some ice patches.A major gathering on the pedestrian overpass.  In Thunder Bay, when you get that many people gathered in one spot known for drinking and vandalism, it can’t be good. Me, I stay well away from that.

More windows getting covered in plastic. Might have done this a couple of weeks ago.Of course, Prince Arthur’s Landing and the City of Thunder Bay’s Baggage Building (freight Office) Art Centre mean illegal parking.You can see the crosswalk.and you can seer the No Parking sign. I always wonder what time it is on that ship?  They travel all over the world and can’t be changing their clocks every time they enter another time zone. A bald eagle. It was far away bo this is as good as the photos get. A bunch of dog owners in Marina Park cannot be a coincidence.

Obligatory shopping cart photo

Another obligatory shopping cart photoWaverley Park cenotaph after the Remembrance day service  Leaving your poppy is the latest thing.   Is this bust stop gone forever? The previous or next stops are quite a distance away.Looks like the idea is to pave this section of Banning Street sometime next week.  The temps are predicted to rise above 2C at some point…as if that matters.  At least one lift of asphalt has to be put down this year come hell or high water.  Leaving the street with a gravel surface is not really an option.  Come spring, the street will become a muddy mess.

In a previous post, I pointed out that all residential streets in Thunder Bay only need a single layer of asphalt.

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