Thunder Bay – Sunday

I remember when Root Beer was just Root Beer.  Now it is 5% alcohol in it.

Another group of loiters in the pedestrian overpass.

A Common Merganser

A Black Capped Chickadee. This one did not want to be photographed.  Still blooming snow or no snow.

I expect a major push to clean off the fountain pond this week in preparation of installing the ice sheet.

Some shoreline icicles. Looks like there is one less bird on the waterfront.

This is the kind of thing to watch out for while walking on city sidewalks. Ice resulting from water draining from eaves-trough downpipes. There is the Algoma Street Ice Hazard that is the result of a sump pump outleting onto a city sidewalk.

There are still people riding their bicycles in the city. Here we have a Thunder Bay hero riding his bike on the street where it belongs.

Its dangerous to be riding a bicycle in these conditions, on the street and on the sidewalk.  Riding on the sidewalk is dangerous for the rider as well as the pedestrians using the sidewalk.

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