Thunder Bay – Friday

No change at the Chronicle Journal

You can see the old yellow paint underneath the new yellow paint.

Another train approaching the waterfront

Gates have been installed at the entrance/exit of the much hyped and much delayed Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel’s valet parking lot

Not sure how they work.  I guess I will never know.

The Marina Park dump increases in size.

The canola oil containers which have migrated around the south end of Marina Park and the abandoned shopping cart have been joined by the boxes from the parking lot gates.

I would think that the contractor would responsible for the disposing of the packaging material properly. Dumping the boxes in Marina Park is not what I consider proper disposal of the packaging material.  I guess our high salaried residents of City Hall have a different idea.  Sad.


Might be time our parks department head honchos get down there and start enforcing some rules.  It is a city park.

I wonder what restaurant produced these empty canola boxes?  Why is it not responsible for the proper disposal of its trash?

The canola boxes are moving toward the lake.

Chronicle Journal trash makes it into the park.

Looks like something from the former Woodside Foundry.

More photos from around the along the waterfront.




MV  Federal Ems







More Chronicle Journal trash migrated into Marina Park

The MV Tecumseh


MV Federal Ems




MV Claude S. Desgagne




Top of the hotel


Another train roars passed the Thunder Bay waterfront






Waterfront rink open as of noon on Friday

Yup..approaching the pedestrian overpass


WOW!  Must have been quite the party.

Total of four bottles of Kelly’s Wine.  FOUR!


Appeared out of the melted snow.

The windows of the former Eaton’s building are open.  Sleeping Giant Brewery stuff.  I could not take a photo from directly in front because of the reflection.

Obligatory shopping cart photo

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