Thunder Bay – Saturday

The Wilson Street parkette outdoor rink.  How is it going?

Not sure what this is?  Vomit? A new lifeform?

McDonalds moves from white lids, or were they brown, to red.  Now there will be lots of red trash laying around the city.  Hurrah!  Very Christmassy…

I’m not in the mood right now.

Chronicle Journal trash that has migrated onto railway property. Only the chain link fence stopped it from entering Marina Park.

The other entrance/exit gate to the much hyped and much delayed Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel.  Still not sure how they work.  I suspect the gate will be controlled from the hotel.

Trash still there

I wonder why this area was not paved when the parking lots and street were paved?  The cost for the work would never be lower.

Hauling this dirt back to the hole it came from…the front of the much hyped and much delayed Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel

Hopefully, the big chunks of concrete curb and gutter will be removed.  You don’t want that stuff in the ground above the frost line.

Watched a video about wide angle photography.  So I am going to practice it here.  Skip the photos if you wish.



The things you see in this town.

Skating on the waterfront

No ice resurfacing machine yet.  Workers are using a hose..

Yup…we are heading through the pedestrian overpass.  What will we find there today?

Trash, as usual.

This is new.

Somebody threw something and smashed the window.  Thunder Bay knuckledraggers strike again.  Taxpayers will have to pay to replace that window.   Maybe a sheet of plywood  instead?

Sad.   The overpass is a disgusting, filthy, urine smelling, vandalized, City of Thunder Bay sanctioned public drinking hangout that leads from the north downtown core to the City of Thunder Bay’s $70 million plus premier tourist destination. Think about that for a minute or two.

Have to admit that the new red lids do add colour to an otherwise dull city landscape.

The LCBO should make these red as well….maybe blue or purple?

Some people can’t read.

Wide angle shot

When Thunder Bay people relax in a park they relax with an ice cold Molson Canadian lager beer.  Molson…brewers since 1786.  The ads just write themselves.

The work on the Waverley Park pavilion is now going undercover.

A foggy haze made for an interesting sun

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