Thunder Bay – Word on the Street – The Redig

Word on the street is that the sewer/water line that was installed
last fall in Prince Arthur’s Landing will have to be re-excavated.  I
understand, the work is needed because, when the lines were originally
installed, an inspector was not present.  Payment for this  work is
going to be cost plus which sounds like it is the WDO’s fault. If
true, and I believe it is, then one must ask where this money is going
to come from and/or what park features are going to be cut to pay for
the work?

On the bright side, you can go down to PAL on Friday between 3pm and
6pm and see what $50M buys in this tight economy. Entrance is from the
north gate by the skatepark.  Drive over the overpass at Cumberland
and Water Streets. Bring your camera.  Lots of, well…. actually
there isn’t much to see but I am sure the organized tour will crank
your imagination up to “11”  with spectacular commentary and lots of
expensive displays produced by BMI/Pace. Bring the kids as there are
several mountains of contaminated soil for them to play on. It should
be a great day for the entire family.

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