Canada – The Lindsay Shepherd/Wilfred Laurier University Saga Continues

A negative opinion is not abuse. You can’t control other people’s thoughts and they shouldn’t have to apoligize for them anyway, because their thoughts are theirs, not yours. – Matt Christiansen

The university Trans community fights back.

When is an apology necessary?  What does it accomplish?

Those are questions that pop up in my brain every time I hear that the federal government is apoligizing to some group for some injustice caused decades ago.  Yes, we were wrong.  Yes, reparations shall be paid out because, in the end, its about the money not the apology.  The apology accomplishes nothing.

Still the apology was made but the apology is not made by the people who created and enforced the unjust government policy nor is it made directly to the people who were wronged.  The reparations are being paid out from taxes paid by people who had no hand in creating or enforcing the unjust government policy but are now somehow being held responsible. Collective guilt.

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