Thunder Bay – Sunday

By now, I am sure you know that I do not like people who ride their bicycles on sidewalks.  Definitely not a fan.

Every day, I see several examples. Why?

Maybe this will get repaired next year.

A missing mitten

Another train roaring passed the Thunder Bay waterfront.

An interesting sky makes for some great wide angle photos.

Something in the foreground is a must

up and close

Nothing up close in the foreground…

This is a leftover from the last time a passenger ship docked at Pool 6.  I wonder if Queens Park will be Kicking in some free money for the 2018 passenger ship season?  Of course it will.

The hole in front of the much hyped and much delayed Delta by Marriott Waterfront Hotel has almost been filled back in.

The marks left by the backhoe on the city street aka; Sleeping Giant Parkway

Nice day for skating

If a beaver stood on its hind legs, it was able to reach above the wire cage.  Out smarted by a beaver.

In this case, the beaver stood on a rock.  It got the tree.

Rocks in the foreground..up close

Out on the lake December 3…who would have guessed?

Festive trash.

Another lost mitten

Maybe these will be replaced next year?

Another train roars passed the waterfront.

Looks like blood

Taking another look at the vandalism

Looks like it may have been several objects..

I doubt if it will be replaced before late spring 2018.

Still filthy

I wonder what was thrown at the glass?  I could not see anything laying on the street.

Hmmm…what is this?  A sign base?  A light base?


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