Thunder Bay – Monday

Yes, I did go out on Monday

Obligatory shopping cart photo

Construction equipment making a giant mess. The mild weather plus all the rain has saturated the ground.

The Chronicle Journal mess along Water Street is still there

Looks like a fence is being resurrected on the Pool 6 property.

It will have to be longer than that.  A fence segment does not work all that well.


A damp foggy day

When is the private developer going to do something with Leased Lot #3?

Development Agreement – Schedule A

Right now, it just collects water.  

Looks like the ice resurfacing machine is finally up and running

Ice resurfacing machine tracks.  Does it resurface the ice or just remove the snow?

Not much holding this tree up.  I guess the beaver could not reach that last spot.

Ahhh…no loiters on the pedestrian overpass so I get to walk through it.

Hmmm…lets see

Trash scattered about

An empty wine bottle

An LCBO bag


A beer store bag

Oooo, a second empty wine bottle in the Prince Arthur Hotel’s parking lot

Sooo, two bottles of wine


Replacing a broken window on a business in the downtown north core.  Nothing new there.  Happens all the time.

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