Thunder Bay – Vancouver 2017 – Day 4 and 5

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Obligatory shopping cart photo

Caution, uneven ground. We could use a few hundred of these signs around Thunder Bay.  The sidewalk along Red River Road in the north downtown core is a prime candidate.

A Great Blue Heron.  The closest I have ever been to one.  Usually they fly away long before I am able to get anywhere near this close.

Extremely aggressive gulls.  French fries.  Don’t come outside with french fries if you value those fries.

Inside the market on Granville Island.

A tree on Granville Isalnd

On Granville Island.

Took the Seabus over to North Vancouver

This place won first place in the 2014 International Gelato Master of the Year, MIG Exhibition, Italy.  Lots of awards.

We could have one of these here in Thunder Bay, but it would be turned off for 8 months of the year.  Still, it looks cool.

Ramen at Jinya Ramen Bar

End of Day 4

Obligatory Shopping Cart photo

Once again, we need our grey traffic boxes painted just like Vancouver and Toronto.

American Wigeon duck

Now we are in Stanley Park.

Lumberman’s Arch

Bufflehead duck.

Replica of the figurehead of the RMS Empress of Japan. The original is in the Vancouver Maritime Museum.

Girl in a Wetsuit.

Brockton Point lighthouse

Totem Poles

More Wigeon Ducks

Crow digging for food at low tide.

Another obligatory shopping cart photo

Gassy Jack John Deighton, founder of Gastown.

Robson Square

The ice rink

The place was it packed.

The ice resurfacer.  Is it electric?

Line of people looking to rent skates.

Vancouver Art Gallery

End of Day 5


Early morning at the airport

Looking out the window on the way to Toronto







Mountain tops








Its hard to get a decent photo looking through the window with the sun rising.  Lots of refections.








Back at Pearson.  Killing time before my flight left for Thunder Bay.

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