The World – Venezuelan Coup Explained

Lies are all you see and hear in the mainstream media. You have to dig deep to find the truth.  Manufacturing consent.

The World – The 737 MAX Saga Continues

The 737 MAX Saga Is a Total Disgrace for Boeing and the FAA One of the first things to become apparent as I began reading about the deadly crash of Ethiopian Airlines’ Boeing 737 MAX 8 plane on March 10th, was the fact that nobody seemed to trust U.S. authorities. As Fortune noted: Ethiopia’s aviation authority is […]

The World – Weaponizing A Generation Raised On Social Media

We are now seeing the result of a generation raised on social media. Children have become weapons used by ….. who exactly?  Why?  What do they know about anything? As I asked in a previous post: What are these children willing to give up to “save the planet”? previous related post here

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

Snow sculptures today. Most are still recognizable…sort of…. This is our trash?  Imagine if ALL of the Tim’s cups that are laying all over the city were put in trash cans?  They would fill a lot of trash cans. Not sure what it says. Two more emerging from the snow The raven’s nest.  They use […]

Thunder Bay - Sunday - Happy St. Patrick's Day!

Thunder Bay – Sunday – Happy St. Patrick’s Day!

Sidewalk plow/sander has the wheels on one side leave the sidewalk while avoiding the light post. Will this hole be repaired come spring?  No?  Come summer? No. Come fall? No.  Will it ever be repaired? No. Same with this one. and this one. This is the colour of condoms that I remember. No red, blue […]

The World – Best Analysis Of What Really Happened To The Boeing 737 Max – Updated

Seems that I forgot to link the following headline to an article. My bad. Sorry. The Best Analysis Of What Really Happened To The Boeing 737 Max From A Pilot & Software Engineer Interesting take on the whole Boeing 737 Max issue.  A design problem?  A design problem with a sofware band-aid solution?  A software […]

Thunder Bay – Rusnak Not Running In 2019

Rusnak bows out of 2019 federal election The Liberal Party will need to find a new candidate in the Thunder Bay-Rainy River riding for the upcoming federal election that is a little more than seven months away. Don Rusnak, MP for the Thunder Bay-Rainy River riding, has withdrawn his name as the Liberal Party candidate […]

The World – Shutting Down Debate

and so it starts. Free speech gone.  Freedom of choice gone.  Freedom of information gone. Informed consent gone.  What’s left? Hate group? Hate speech?  Who decides?

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

Snow sculptures today. Looks like the rocket is getting ready to fall over. Hey…its colour. Thunder Bay…the city wealthy enough that its drinkers do not have to return cans and or bottles for the deposit. Getting bigger again.  I suspect that will end soon. Temps are going up. Almost free.  Does the Wholesale Club want […]

Thunder Bay – More On Fridays For The Future

Climate rally demands action Tbnewswatch article here Previous related post below: THUNDER BAY – FRIDAYS FOR THE FUTURE -THE SOCIALISTS ALWAYS COME FOR THE KIDS…EVENTUALLY I wonder just what these protesters are willing to give up to save the planet?  Cell phones?  Laptops?  Flying?  The Internet?  The clothes they are wearing?  Shoes? Television?  The material […]