The World – The Republic Has Fallen: The Deep State’s Plot To Take Over America Has Succeeded

This an excerpt from an article by John W. Whitehead about how the US government is now officially a corporactocracy.  That country’s government is bought and paid for by corporate America.  A river of corporate money continually pours into politicians pockets. All completely legal as far as the US Supreme Court is concerned. How long […]

The World – Dakota Access Pipeline Update

Dakota Access Pipeline update. Three leaks before it is even operation.  Leaks are minor so far… (for previous related posts, type “dapl” into search window)

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Looks like the tulip thieves left me one. I wonder if I will be allowed to keep this one. Obligatory shopping cart photos Court Street construction signing: Bay Street update.  This sign, useless when it was tied to the lamp post is now even more useless. Its lying face down on the sidewalk. The contractor […]

Canada – How Long Until Its Our Turn?

BRITISH INTELLIGENCE WARNED TONY BLAIR OF MANCHESTER-LIKE TERRORISM IF THE WEST INVADED IRAQ Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair has yet to say anything about Monday’s heinous, nihilistic suicide bombing at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England. According to current reporting, the attack has been claimed by ISIS, and was carried out by a […]

The World – Who Is More Corrupt: Trump, Clinton or Obama?

Jimmy and crew discuss who is more corrupt….Trump, Clinton or Obama. Surprising Answer? Not really if you have read any of my posts on the subject. You can probably throw in most Canadian politicians as well.

The World – How The CIA Runs The Nuclear Black Market

From the Corbett Report files..October 24, 2011… The US claims North Korea and Iran are nuclear threats.  They cannot be allowed to get that technology.  The problem is that the CIA was involved in giving those very countries that technology. Seriously.  You cannot make this stuff up. The US is the most dangerous country in […]

The World – Religion Of Peace Strikes Again – Kills At Least 22 People..Including Children

As Bill Maher said..Islam is a religion of peace.  A piece of you there, a piece of you there, a piece of you there….. Latest on investigation into Manchester concert bombing CBS News confirmed Tuesday that the man who blew himself up the previous night at an Ariana Grande concert in Manchester, England, was 23-year-old […]

Thunder Bay – Pools Of Blood

Sudden death on South Marks Street Witness says person was on the ground in a pool of blood when police arrived. City police are investigating a sudden death in the 300 block of South Marks Street. In a release issued on Monday night, police say they arrived on scene at the intersection of Arthur and South Marks […]

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

Yup…finish your drink and toss the trash on public or private property.  No use carrying around until you get home.  Just make it someone else’s problem. Obligatory shopping cart photo Runners on Water Street Looking through the only window that is not covered with plywood on the Lyceum Building. Whoever bought it from the city […]

The World - America Has Become A Total Joke

The World – America Has Become A Total Joke

An interesting article by Michael Krieger of  Yes, the US has become a total joke.  Sadly, the US is also the most corrupt government in the world AND the most dangerous country in the world. I bet you are blaming Trump for America becoming an international laughing stock.  Of course you are. However, this all […]