Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Another sidewalk cyclist on Algoma Street DSSAB apartment complex under construction. Crows chasing a raven Chronicle Journal trash still littering Water Street Sidewalk cyclist on Water StreetDamage done to pole by woodpecker Looks like another hole made by a Piliated Woodpecker. The whole is kind of square. Appears that a piece of hotel construction-related equipment […]

Thunder Bay - Great Blue Heron

Thunder Bay – Great Blue Heron

Came across this Great Blue Heron standing on a rock? or wooden post?.  It wasn’t sure what to do.  It stood there, looking around.  Finally, it decided to fly away.  I consider this to be a victory because it always flew away as soon as came into view.  Maybe one day, it will stay around […]

Thunder Bay - Piliated Woodpecker Updated

Thunder Bay – Piliated Woodpecker Updated

I updated a previous post by including all the photos I took of the bird. There are quite a few.  They show the bird moving around.  What I found interesting is that the bird sticks its tongue into the holes and crevices it makes with its beak. Here, you can see its sticking its tongue […]

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

A band’s tour bus parked around the corner of the Hoito.  Looks like they may have been loading up on pancakes. I wonder who it was? More trash that could have been recycled. No recycling option here…or in most places in the city. I have always wondered about businesses sticking a rainbow on their door […]

Thunder Bay – Pileated Woodpecker

Came across this Pileated Woodpecker in Marina Park today.  It appears to be a female. Its a large bird. The size of a crow.  The pileated Woodpecker is the largest woodpecker in North America, (except for the Ivory-bill, which is almost certainly extinct.) YouTube

Thunder Bay - Sunday

Thunder Bay – Sunday

Looks like someone may have been sleep here in Marina ParkI wonder if they are going to walk south this year?  White paint usually outlines the excavation limits.  I will keep an eye on this to see what happens. Fountain shut down but this pond is still available for fountain pond wading enthusiasts.   Sailing […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

Moss on the side of a hydro pole Catchbasin with a severe case of the Thunder Bay disease I mentioned this section of a Pearl Street sidewalk before. Now the section has been removed and replaced. Looks nice. When are the high salaried residents of City Hall going to remove and replace the section of […]

Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

Work continues Where excavation work was done around railway signals at the Peral Street entrance to Marina Park Lots of new paint marks along the Pearl Street entrance to Marina Park I wonder what its for?  The pump house light has not been flashing lately I did not know what this marker was all about.  […]

Thunder Bay - Manhole Covers

Thunder Bay – Manhole Covers

While out walking around, I keep an eye out for old manhole covers. A 1912 Port Arthur manhole. I have seen a couple of these.A 1910 Port Arthur manhole.  I have seen a couple of these as well. I have never seen one older in the former Port Arthur section of Thunder Bay.

Thunder Bay - Civic Leadership In Action

Thunder Bay – Civic Leadership In Action

Walked down Water Street as usual. Noticed some newspaper trash in the gutter as usual. Then I noticed more newspaper trash blowing around on the street and then I noticed newspaper trash blowing around the Chronicle Journal property more in the street newspaper trash blowing down the railway tracks looking at the Chronicle Journal property […]