Thunder Bay – Rainbow Crosswalk At Bay And Algoma

Rainbow Crosswalk at Bay and Algoma would cost $35K If the City of Thunder Bay goes ahead with the installation of  four “rainbow” crosswalks on Algoma Street at Bay Street, it will cost about $35,000. The proposal for the crosswalks was submitted last August by Thunder Pride. In a report to council, the city’s Engineering […]

Thunder Bay - Friday - First Day Of November

Thunder Bay – Friday – First Day Of November

I guess its nobody’s job to clean these things up.  Not City of Thunder Bay parks people? MV Jamno still anchored out there. Mallards just passing through   MV Federal Caribou still at Thunder Bay Terminals Looks like a female Goldeneye. Reflections are nice. The Snow Geese Blue Morphs still hanging around Looks like this […]

The World – Leak In Keystone Pipeline Spills 9,000 Barrels Of Oil In North Dakota

Leak in Keystone pipeline spills 9,000 barrels of oil in North Dakota More than 9,000 barrels of oil are estimated to have spilled from a leak in the Keystone Pipeline in northeastern North Dakota, the company said. It’s the second significant spill in two years in the pipeline that runs from Canada’s tar sands region […]

The World – Why Are Companies Still Selling Plastic Bottles?

We know plastic bottles are choking our planet. So why are companies still selling them? The American Beverage Association announced on Tuesday that the world’s leading beverage companies — Coca-Cola, PepsiCo and Keurig Dr Pepper — are investing $100 million to reduce the use of new plastic and improve plastic bottle recycling across the globe. Plastic packaging is scattered […]

The World – Measles Limits Immune System’s Ability To Fight Off Other Infections…Or Maybe It Doesn’t

Measles limits immune system’s ability to fight off other infections, studies suggest The measles virus has not only made a devastating resurgence worldwide, but it may also cripple the immune system’s ability to fight off other infections in the long term, two new studies suggest. The highly contagious measles virus causes coughing, rashes and fever […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

MV Jamno MV Federal Caribou at Keefer Terminal Looks like this may be a hybrid duck?   I have no idea. The Snow Geese Blue Morph are still hanging around Marina Park.  No rush to leave. Leased Lot #3 so far.  Barbecue area. Grassy area with new chairs.  Big question. Maybe I am missing something but […]

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

I noticed that four star? Delta by Marriott waterfront hotel guests are using the public parking lot instead of the the hotels’s lot.  I wonder if that sign has anything to do with it. The hotel parking lot is on the right. The entrance to it is at the south end of the public parking […]

Thunder Bay – Gravelle Asks Ford Government For Money For Thunder Bay Police

Gravelle asks Ford government for money for Thunder Bay Police Thunder Bay-Superior North MPP Michael Gravelle raised the issue of Thunder Bay’s crime problem in the legislature Tuesday, calling for provincial money for the city’s hard-pressed police service. Gravelle made the case for government financial assistance in a statement at Queen’s Park. He said Premier Doug Ford’s government has […]

Ontario – Gravelle Calls For More Canadian Content In Mass Transit Vehicles

Gravelle calls for more Canadian content in mass transit vehicles MPP Michael Gravelle hopes his new private member’s bill, which lays out rules for Canadian content in mass transit vehicles purchased by Canadian public transportation companies, will help Thunder Bay’s Bombardier plant. Gravelle introduced the bill Monday at Queen’s Park. The bill calls for a […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

Trying to make an uninteresting subject interesting.   Needles still laying around. A dead bird. Looks like it may be a female Scaup. Not sure if its a Lesser or Greater Scaup. Hooded Merganser. MV Ojibway MV Jamno still anchored out in there. Something you do not see in Marina Park every day.  A dead […]