Thunder Bay - Sunday - Mothers Day - And The Sun Was Shining!

Thunder Bay – Sunday – Mothers Day – And The Sun Was Shining!

MV Beatrix Raven Strange. This goose sits in this marshy area all alone.  Its there every day. Ring-billed gull Tree Swallows Red-winged Blackbird. They chase the Tree Swallows away from their nesting area. Painted Turtles Common Grackle Interesting clouds.  Not sure what’s going on over there. Glad its not here. Beaver was here. May 15 […]

Canada – Removing Gender Inequality From Indian Act Is Not That Simple

Indigenous women call on government to remove gender inequality from Indian Act On a day when all mothers are celebrated, two Indigenous women are calling on the Canadian government to ensure all mothers and grandmothers are treated equally. Jeanette Corbiere-Lavell and her daughter Dawn Lavell-Harvard, director of the First People’s House of Learning at Trent […]

Thunder Bay - Saturday

Thunder Bay – Saturday

Now two carts here.  Shopping carts reproduce. Gas line installation. MV Thunder Bay MV Beatrix and tug MV Glenada Commercial fishing boat with its cloud of gulls surrounding it. Trash in context White-crowned Sparrow American Kestral A passenger jet. Groundhog Still trying to refine my macro shots.  Getting closer. Pussy willows.  Can you still use […]

Thunder Bay – There Are No Such Thing As Free Services

Provincial cuts to library service will be felt locally The ramifications of the Ford government’s library service cuts are already being felt locally. In April, the province announced it would cut the budget of the Southern Ontario Library Service and the Ontario Library Service-North in half for the 2019-20 fiscal year. Ontario Library Service North […]

Thunder Bay - Friday

Thunder Bay – Friday

They were walking.  Not a huge crowd following along. US Coast Guard helicopter Canadian Rescue helicopter Looks like a crime scene Pussy Willows MV Algoma Equinox MV Beatrix.  It was loading grain but is now at anchor.  Must be waiting for the rest of its cargo to arrive. Still some Godeneyes hanging around. Work still […]

The World – Squirrel Away Cash In Case Of Emergencies

‘Stockpile coins and banknotes’: Sweden tells its citizens to squirrel away hard cash under their beds in case of a cyber attack Cashless payments are all the rage but people in Sweden have been told to squirrel away notes and coins in case of a cyber attack on the nation’s banks. Digital payments offer convenience for both […]

Thunder Bay - Thursday

Thunder Bay – Thursday

Not the best weather for outdoor photography. Gave it a shot anyway. Not real but they do brighten up a dull day. I assume the green paint is supposed to be where cyclist ride when the bike lane comes to an end, The cyclists will simply ride on the sidewalk.  If you believe they will […]

Thunder Bay - Wednesday

Thunder Bay – Wednesday

Still trying to photograph the rose. They are starting to wilt. Turmeric and ginger tea left this at the bottom of my cup. Looks like a fried egg. Not sure why this green paint was not part of the construction contract on this section of Court Street last summer.  If the City of Thunder Bay […]

Thunder Bay - Tuesday

Thunder Bay – Tuesday

The unsung Thunder Bay hero is busy picking up trash.  He does it year round.  No awards for him. No recognition by any elected official. This Safeway cart is an old model. Metal basket. New Safeway carts have plastic baskets. People who stuff their faces with food are called “pigs”. They should be called crows. […]

Ontario – Fire Protection In Indigenous Communities

‘The system is broken,’ Ontario First Nations firefighters say of fire protection in Indigenous communities The head of an Ontario organization representing firefighters in Indigenous communities says the current system that dictates how fire protection is handled in First Nations is woefully inadequate and needs to be rebuilt. Matthew Miller, the president of the Ontario […]