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The World – How The U.S. Shattered The Middle East

How the U.S. Shattered the Middle East Yemen is a nightmare, a catastrophe, a mess—and the United States is highly complicit in the whole disaster. Refueling Saudi aircraft in-flight, providing targeting intelligence to the kingdom and selling the requisite bombs that have been dropped for years now on Yemeni civilians places the 100,000-plus deaths, millions of […]

The World – Countdown To WW3 Continues/U.S. Tells EU What To Do

A pair of articles that are kind of related. They both have to do with natural gas. First, the war over a pipeline route from Qatar to Europe. The countdown to World War 3 continues. If US Plans A Terrorist False Flag Chemical Attack To Justify Bombing Syria, Russia Says It Will Respond Events in […]

The World – Senior US Officials Manipulating Middle East Intellegence

The first casualty of war is the truth. We are not being told the truth about anything happening around us.   Global finances. Refugees. Vaccines. War.  Security.   How can people make educated decisions about their future and their families’ future if they have no idea if any of the the information that they see […]

Canada – The Evil Terrorists Have A Made In The U.S.A. Label

US complicity in the formation, training, funding and supporting ISIS? Hey isn’t that the terror group that His Excellency, Stephan Harper, Prime Minister for Life, Lord of All the Beasts of the Earth and Fishes of the Seas and Conqueror of the World in General and Canada in Particular and his brownshirts are using as […]

The World – Another US-Saudi Massacre In Yemen. Airstrike Kills 22 Children

Yet Another US-Saudi Massacre In Yemen: UN Condemns Airstrike Killing 22 Children Just two weeks after a US-Saudi coalition airstrike on a school bus in Yemen killed some 40 children in an event which finally caught international media attention, there’s a new report that coalition jets have struck a camp for internally displaced people in the flashpoint region […]

The World – The All-Pervasive Military/Security Complex

Here is an article by Professor Joan Roelofs via Paul Craig Roberts and Zerohedge that explains why the Mainstream media and US Congress are sooo against Trump making peace with Putin.  Why NATO keeps getting bigger instead of fading away.  Why the US has been involved in a continuous war since the Pear Harbour attack on […]

The World – Perpetual Business Of War

This from the Oriental Review War is money.  Expensive high tech weapons that need to be replaced often.  Great business model. Governments could spend all that money improving infrastructure.  Making our lives better. Health care. Education. Social programs. Housing. Perpetual Business Of War Written by Leonid SAVIN on 26/04/2018 Shortly before its attack on Syria, the US declassified its “Report […]

The World – The World Of George Orwell’s “1984” Forming Now

I guess we are in Oceania? Oceania, ‘Tis For Thee: The World of ‘1984’ Forming Now Jeremiah Johnson April 2nd, 2018 SHTFplan.com “Oceania” was a nation described in George Orwell’s “1984” as being comprised of Britain (called “Airstrip One,”) and the United States. There were two other superpowers, namely Eurasia and Eastasia. Other lands rich […]

The World – Dutch Foreign Minister Admits To Lying About Putin

An article from Strategic Culture.org on a subject that seems to have been missed by the mainstream media.  A Dutch Foreign Minister resigned because he lied.  Not just a little lie but a very big lie.  A lie that was meant to push Europe closer to war with Russia. What other lies are we being […]