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Canada – Consultant Says He Is Owed $1.2 Million By Cat Lake Band

Consultant says he’s owed $1.2M for helping First Nation obtain emergency housing cash from Ottawa A consultant working for Cat Lake First Nation in northern Ontario is locked in a dispute with the band over how much money it owes him for his role in helping to secure federal funding to address urgent housing needs […]

Canada – Cat Lake Reaches Deal With Ottawa

Cat Lake reaches deal with Ottawa to start improving housing situation Cat Lake First Nation has reached a deal with the federal government for support after the community declared a state of emergency last month amid a crisis resulting from inadequate housing and mould-related health complications. The two sides signed the interim framework agreement, which […]

Canada – Cat Lake Needs Help Now. Why?

This is what happens when you ignore all the warning signs.  You end up with stage four cancer.  Nothing can be done. The patient cannot be saved. These appalling living conditions do not happen over night.  They take years to get to this point.  The question is Why? The residents of Cat Lake, and many […]

Canada – State of Emergency Declared In Cat Lake

State of emergency declared in Cat Lake First Nation With nearly 90 homes recommended for demolition, Cat Lake First Nation’s chief and council have declared a state of life and public health emergency. In a statement issued by the band, leadership, under Chief Matthew Keewaykapow, says the poor state of housing in the community, located […]

Thunder Bay – Lakehead University – Den Of Thieves

  There is a Lakehead University Engineering student who is having his degree held for ransom by the school.  Yes, its true.  Let me tell the story. This student was finishing up his Masters this summer.  He was to hand in his thesis in early August. Oral defence of thesis before Examining Committee at the […]

The World – The Snowflake Culture Is Killing Our Kids

The snowflake culture is killing our kids Did you know “jazz hands” are slowly replacing clapping? No, really: Clapping as been banned at a leading university in the U.K. “to avoid triggering anxiety” for students. Lest you think this practice doesn’t exist in the U.S., I can personally vouch that it does. When I spoke at Bard […]

Canada – One Trillion Litres Of Sewage Leaked Into Canadian Lakes and Rivers Over The Passed Five Years.

One trillion litres of sewage leaked into Canadian lakes and rivers over last five years Last Wednesday, a team of people from the Lake Ontario Waterkeeper environmental group descended on the Toronto harbourfront looking for any signs the previous night’s massive, flash-flood rainfall had caused the city’s ancient combined sewer system to overflow into the […]

Thunder Bay – Lake Superior…Look But Don’t Touch

Firefighters convince snow-shoer to return from Lake Superior trek A man on snowshoes was convinced by firefighters to abandon his trek onto Lake Superior on Wednesday afternoon. Firefighters on an air boat intercepted the man outside the harbour break-wall and warned him he’d technically broken the law to get there. “His statement was he just […]

Canada – Burying Nuclear Waste Near Lake Huron

Burying hazardous nuclear waste near Lake Huron shoreline…what could possibly go wrong? You see, this is the problem with nuclear power.  Its expensive.  Not only are the plants expensive to build, they are extremely expensive to maintain. And when the plant is obsolete and needs to be shut down nobody knows just how much it […]

Thunder Bay – The Value Of A Human Life Has Reached A New Low

Loon sentenced to 16 years for second manslaughter conviction A man who already served six years for a 2009 manslaughter conviction will spend the next 12 years behind bars after pleading guilty to a second manslaughter charge for his role in the 2017 death of 50-year-old Robert Lloyd Gray. Garnet Loon, 44, of Cat Lake […]