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Thunder Bay – Another “Industrial Complex” Rearing Its Ugly Head?

Shelter House kicks off holiday campaign Fundraising target of $20,000 has been set. Shelter House is hoping the community’s festive spirit and generosity will help those in need. The organization has launched their annual holiday campaign, with donation forms mailed out across the city starting this week. “Monetary donations are the lifeblood of this organization […]

The World – Information Industrial Complex

One last post before I go…The Military Industrial Complex, We have one here in Canada. In fact they exist all over the world. The Information Industrial Complex, is that the next one? Is it already here?  The answer to both questions is “yes”.

The World – The Terrorism Industrial Complex

The Terrorism Industrial Complex…does it exist? You bet. Terrorism or the threat of terrorism, is being used to control the population…in every way. What you read, watch, say, type, buy, visit, where you go, who your friends are, where you came from, where you work..everything. show notes found here

Canada – The US Military Industrial Complex Comes To Canada

Here is a humourous, but true explanation of US defence spending. Pay very close attention to the segment on the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter.  Canada is looking really hard at buying a bunch of those….and surprise, surprise, Lockheed Martin is using the threat of major job losses to blackmail the Canadian government into sealing the […]

The World – US Military Industrial Complex Pushing The Large Military Build-ups Around The World

The US Military Industrial Complex pushing the large military build-ups around the world? In order to sell more weapons around the world , the US Defence Industry needs to give the countries around the world a reason to purchase more weaponry.  The reasons are Russia and China. Lets hope that some accident does not happen […]

The World – The Security Industrial Complex Requires Public Insecurity To Exist

Big story…all over the mainstream media. BBC, CNN, NY Times, The Guardian, ABC News, Japan Times, and on and on… Moldova police arrest ‘uranium-smuggling gang’ Moldovan police say they have arrested seven people suspected of smuggling uranium from Russia to sell it on. About 200g (7oz) of the material was seized in a raid last […]

Thunder Bay – Municipal Industrial Complex 2

As I posted earlier, the people that benefit from the huge cost of running this city, vote. The staff, families, relatives and friends of the  City of Thunder Bay, Tbaytel, Thunder Bay Hydro and all the consultants, contractors and suppliers won’t vote for anyone who wants to rein in spending. Their livelihoods depend on that […]

The World – Doing The Military Industrial Complex Happy Dance

US Military Industrial Complex is doing the happy dance. They won the lottery AGAIN! $200 million to $300 million a month…..of some of  that sweet, sweet taxpayer cash..    

Thunder Bay – A New Frontman For The Municipal Industrial Complex?

  Ken Boshcoff wants to be a sparkplug for the community’s economic engine. The current at-large councillor, former Liberal MP and mayor from 1997 to 2003 said it’s part of the reason numerous people have been telling him for months to run for mayor again, which he made official Tuesday morning. – Tbnewswatch June 17, […]

Canada – The Post Secondary Educational Industrial Complex

Degree Inflation?  Degree inflation equates to more student debt. The post secondary education system has become a very large industry.  The Post Secondary Educational Industrial  Complex that requires a steady stream of people spending a lot of money to keep feeding the machine.  An extremely cash hungry machine that is made up of high salaried employees and administrators.  Extremely […]