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Canada – Trudeau Manufacturing Consent In The SNC-Lavalin Scandal

Wilson-Raybould asked me if I would tell her what to do with SNC case: Trudeau Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says it was former justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould who asked him in the fall if he planned to tell her what to do in the prosecution of Quebec engineering giant SNC-Lavalin — a conversation, he says, that ended […]

Canada – Media/Government Spin And Manufacturing Consent

32% of Canadians support TPP trade deal but many uncertain, poll suggests Canadians expect benefits for country overall, but possible damage to their own communities More Canadians believe the Trans-Pacific Partnership agreement will benefit the economy than those who think otherwise, but there is more pessimism about the effect the trade deal will have on employment in […]

Thunder Bay – Manufacturing Consent? Again?

Looking at this front page, you might mistakenly think that the Chamber of Commerce said that the City of Thunder Bay is on a good path. The statement that the city is on a good path  was made by the mayor in his state of the city address to the Chamber of Commerce yesterday…not really […]

Thunder Bay – Manufacturing Consent

manufacture of consent – the practice of controlling or manipulating the norms, values etc. held by an audience by controlling what they are exposed to in the media. This could be done by a government or other institution in authority. – The propaganda model is a conceptual model in political economy advanced by Edward S. Herman and Noam Chomskythat states (In their book Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media) how propaganda, […]

The World – CNN Goes “Undercover” To Manufacture Consent For Coup Attempt In Venezuela

CNN GOES ‘UNDERCOVER’ TO MANUFACTURE CONSENT FOR COUP ATTEMPT IN VENEZUELA KEVIN GOSZTOLA, For the four-minute report, CNN correspondent Nick Paton Walsh went “undercover” amidst what the network described as the “deepening crisis in Venezuela” in order “to capture the desperation gripping the nation.” The segment highlighted hyperinflation at grocery chains, Venezuelans lined up in queues for […]

Thunder Bay – Engineering Consent

When you watch this, think of the mainstream media. Think of the local media. In Thunder Bay, the local media can influence public opinion on almost any subject.  Event Centre? Prince Arthur’s Landing? The municipal election? City budget overruns. Anything. In Thunder Bay, the media acts like it is a part of City Hall. This […]

Thunder Bay – Release The Media Hounds…Manufacturing Disent

Apparently, the people that really run this city, the ones that $120 million plus of sweet, sweet, public money to be spent so they can put as much of it as possible into their own pockets, have decided to make sure that their candidate becomes mayor. Democracy? How to do that? Discredit the opposition.  Do […]

The World – Venezuelan Coup Explained

Lies are all you see and hear in the mainstream media. You have to dig deep to find the truth.  Manufacturing consent.

The World – Identifying Fake News

Lauren Southern leans to the right..politically.  No doubt there.  Still, this video can be watched by everyone, right, left and centre. Google and Facebook have decided to take it upon themselves to tell you what is real news and what is fake news.  What news sources can be trusted and what news sources cannot. The […]

The World – More Than 1,000 Civilians Reportedly Killed By US-Led Air Strikes

Compare the mainstream media coverage of the Battle for Mosul, Iraq with the Battle of Aleppo, Syria.  Just do a search on each and see what you find. We are living in a world where you can no longer believe anything you see, hear or read in the mainstream media…and that includes the CBC, CTV and […]