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The World – PCR Tests

Once again, since Ontario is freaking out about a jump in positive PCR tests in Toronto, Peel Region and Ottawa, I must point out that the accuracy of PCR test results is far from perfect.  There will be many false positives. How many?  Nobody knows. A test with a questionable record of accuracy is used […]

The World – New Zealand And PCR Testing

PCR is a diagnostic test. Diagnostic tests should not be used as screening tests. A positive PCR test does not mean that the COVID-19 virus is present. All it means is that there a piece of virus RNA. All positive tests are not equal. A positive test does not tell you much. Its basically useless […]

The World – Crimes Against Humanity

“Crimes Against Humanity”: The German Corona Investigation. “The PCR Pandemic” – Corona Investigative Committee Their conclusions are the following:  The corona crisis must be renamed the “Corona Scandal” It is: The biggest tort case ever The greatest crime against humanity ever committed Those responsible must be: Criminally prosecuted for crimes against humanity Sued for civil […]

The World – Data From The WHO And CDC

According to the WHO ‘s best guess is that 10% of the world my have been infected by COVID-19. ( that would be 3,8 million people in Canada) People who show symptoms of the virus is a small fraction of that. The infection mortality rate of KNOWN COVID-19 infections  is 0.13%. According to the CDC, […]

The World – Australia And COVID-19

Is COVID-19 as bad as the media and governments are making it appear?  Are we being given all of the information needed to get a clear picture of what is really going on? Does a jump in positive PCR test results mean anything?  What percentage of tests are positive?  How does that compare with previous […]

Thunder Bay – Sometimes You Can Be Too Cautious

Hundreds of Lakehead public school students are at home due to COVID-19 screening Less than a month into the school year, hundreds of Lakehead Public School Board students are already staying home because they have at least one of a dozen symptoms that may or may not be linked to COVID-19. Two of the board’s largest schools each have […]

The World – Quebec Creates COVID Camps. Are Vaccine Camps Far Behind?

Quebec City Says it Will Isolate “Uncooperative” Citizens in Secret Corona Facility During a press conference, Dr. Jacques Girard, who heads the Quebec City public health authority, drew attention to a case where patrons at a bar were ordered to wait until their COVID-19 tests came back, but disregarded the command and left the premises […]

Ontario – Positive Test Results On The Rise. So What? We Need More Information.

Rising number of COVID-19 cases in Ontario ‘cause for concern’ says Ford With the number of COVID-19 cases steadily rising in Ontario, the provincial government is reminding the public to continue to follow public health guidelines in order to weather an inevitable second wave. “Today’s numbers are a cause for concern for all of us,” […]

The World – What Does A Positive Test Mean? Not Much.

What does a positive PCR test really mean?  Turns out, not much. show notes here You test positive, then what?  Our 21st century health care system tells you to sit at home and hope you don’t have to be admitted to hospital later.  That is it.  No treatment. HCQ plus zinc? No. High dose of […]

Ebolapalooza – A Governing By Fear FYI

Something to think about while you are wondering just what the hell is going on? Governing by Fear: From Anthrax to Ebola by James Corbett corbettreport.com October 18, 2014 There is a brilliant video that was floating around the web several years ago in which someone simply spliced together news coverage of the 2001 anthrax […]