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Thunder Bay – Reinforcing Steel Arrives In Prince Arthur’s Landing

Looks like the developer has finally run out of excuses and is getting serious about building a hotel In Prince Arthur’s Landing.  Makes sense, because I doubt if our high salaried residents of City Hall would have been to keen on hearing another tired excuse as to why the much hyped and much delayed Delta […]

Thunder Bay – What Does Prince Arthur’s Landing Look Like From The Lake?

Every day, I walk down to the waterfront and see ships anchored on in the bay. Giant ships arriving from all over the world on a daily basis, anchored out there for several days at a time. When the crews on those ships look out at our $65 million plus premier tourist destination waterfront, what […]

Thunder Bay – Level Crossing – Prince Arthur’s Landing

The Prince Arthur’s Landing level crossing at the foot of Red River Road.  The thing that nobody ever talks about. Well, the railway just turned down the City of Thunder Bay’s request for said crossing…again.  City of Thunder Bay senior management keeps asking and the railway keeps saying no. City of Thunder Bay administration…”we will […]

Thunder Bay – Chippewa Park, Centennial Park and Prince Arthur’s Landing…Are They All Trying To Be The Same Park?

Everything on the table as future of Chippewa Park examined Everything is on the table for the future of Chippewa Park. A lot has changed since the park’s master plan launched in 2000. The roller coaster has been dismantled, the city has assumed ownership of cottages whose leases have expired and citizen priorities for outdoor […]

Thunder Bay – We Need A State Of Prince Arthur’s Landing Address

With the mayor’s State of the City address come and gone, I believe its time someone in City Hall gives us a State of Prince Arthur’s Landing address. Just what the hell is going on down there?  Is anything ever going to be finished? Ever? Six years into the project  and Phase One is still […]