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The World – Stick A Fork In It. Remdesivir Is Done.

Gilead Falls After Phase 3 Remdesivir 10-Day Trial Failed To Reach Significance One week after the New England Journal of Medicine found mixed results in its pivotal study of Remdesivir in covid-19 patients which “found no marked benefit from remdesivir for those who were healthier and didn’t need oxygen or those who were sicker, requiring a ventilator […]

The World – Remdesivir Turns Out To Be A Dud. No Surprise There.

The Remdesivir Study Is Finally Out: Drug Only Helped Those On Oxygen, Finds Mortality Too High For Standalone Treatment A visual representation of the outcomes is below; it shows that whereas there was a modest benefit only to patients who were receiving oxygen, the results were statistically insignificant vs placebo for patients not receiving oxygen, while in […]

The World – Remdesivir Is Probably Useless

“Remdesivir Is Probably Worthless” – A Trauma Surgeon Exposes “Drug Company’s Shenanigans” The article has too much info for me to pick a couple of paragraphs to stick up here. Best you read the whole thing…if you’re interested that is. Me? I am not counting on Remdesivir to save my life and neither should you. […]

The World – Remdesivir, Hailed As Potential COVID-19 Treatment. Why?

Remdesivir, hailed as potential COVID-19 treatment, gets emergency U.S. FDA green light Remdesivir has received emergency use authorization (EUA) from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration after a major study showed that it can reduce recovery time for hospitalized COVID-19 patients. In a news release on Friday, the FDA said it has issued the EUA for “treatment of suspected or […]

Canada – Health Canada Approves Drug That Is Very Expensive And Does Not Work

Health Canada approves remdesivir to treat severe COVID-19 symptoms Health Canada has approved the use of remdesivir to treat patients with severe symptoms of COVID-19. The federal agency says the antiviral drug may be used to treat patients who have pneumonia and require extra oxygen to help them breathe. It’s the first drug that Health […]

The World – U.S. Buys Worldwide Stock Of Ineffective SARS CoV-2 Drug

U.S. buys up worldwide stock of remdesivir, drug seen as potential COVID-19 treatment The United States has secured nearly the entire worldwide supply of remdesivir, a drug that’s proven effective for severely ill patients of the novel coronavirus — leaving hardly any for Canada and the rest of the world. The Department of Health and […]