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Canada – Lindsay Shepherd Update

The latest in the Lindsay Shepherd saga.  (previously related post here) I would not have a child attend Wilfred Laurier University.  No way.  There are better choices in Canada.  Research is required. I am not sure what kind of citizens that that institution is turning out.  What I do know is that those citizens will […]

Canada – The Lindsay Shepherd/Wilfred Laurier University Saga Continues

A negative opinion is not abuse. You can’t control other people’s thoughts and they shouldn’t have to apoligize for them anyway, because their thoughts are theirs, not yours. – Matt Christiansen The university Trans community fights back. When is an apology necessary?  What does it accomplish? Those are questions that pop up in my brain […]

Thunder Bay – Academic World Lets Identity Bullies Run Wild

This from today’s Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal: “There’s no problem so awful, that you can’t add some guilt to it and make it even worse.”  – Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs Its been obvious for many decades that our education system is a hotbed of the social left.  Now Canadian academia has moved sooo far […]

The World – The Left Is Sooo Far To The Left That It Now Only Contains Extremists

The new trend: people who consider themselves left of centre, both socially and politically, are abandoning the left. Why?  Because they are not considered left enough.  Today, if you are not a frothing at the mouth extreme socialist, basically a Marxist, you get labeled as being on the far right. A fascist. There is no […]

Canada – Laurier University Drama Continues

Sooo, as Wilfred Laurier University’s reputation continues to circle the toilet bowl, people are starting to vote with their dollars. Alumni are threatening to stop donations. Parents are refusing to send their children to  Laurier. I wouldn’t.  What kind of education is a student receiving in a school where students are “protected” from ideas and […]

Canada – Laurier University Accused Of Censorship After TA Reprimanded For Playing Gender Pronoun Debate Clip

“In universities, all prospectives are valid” –  Lindsay Shepherd “That’s not necessarily true” – Wilfred Laurier University Faculty and Administration   Laurier university accused of censorship after TA reprimanded for playing gender pronoun debate clip Are all perspectives valid in a debate? At Wilfrid Laurier University in Ontario, there are some viewpoints which aren’t. The […]