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The World – Robert F. Kennedy Discusses Vaccines At The Autism Education Summit

With the increased push to make vaccination mandatory, people need to get informed. Robert F. Kennedy Jr. is the most informed person I know.  He uses facts to make his argument,

The World – The Science Of Vaccines Forum – Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Press Conference

You can’t trust authorities. Authorities lie. Funny that when it comes to abortion rights, its  my body, my choice.  People do not have the same rights when it comes to injecting who-knows-what into their bodies? Into their children’s bodies?  We will have no choice?   Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. was a panelist at the “Science of […]

The World – The Vaccine Debate – Vaccines, Children And Autism

A ten minute video worth watching. “Everyone (on Capital Hill) takes money from PhARMA, so they’ve all been corrupted”. – Robert Kennedy Jr. The Vaccination Debate Today we investigate one of the biggest medical controversies of our time: vaccines. There’s little dispute about this much– vaccines save many lives, and rarely, they injure or kill. […]

The World – Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. Announces The World Mercury Project’s $100,000 Challenge With Goal Of Stopping Use Of Highly Toxic Mercury In Vaccines

This should be easy money for all those scientists and government health officials that claim that the mercury in vaccines is perfectly safe. Soo…here you go people.  Just send in your study that you have that shows that mercury is perfectly safe to be used in vaccines. I await their response.  How long should take […]

The World – A Better Delivery System For Vaccines

Robert Kennedy Jr. wants to find a better delivery system for vaccinations. One that does not require the use of dangerous materials such as mercury.  Sounds like a good thing, right? Not to Big Pharma.  Not to the corporate media. Why?  Why not try and improve the delivery system of all vaccines?  Why is that a […]

The World – DiNiro, Autism and Vaccines

Today Show where Robert DeNiro talks about the Tribeca Film Festival first and then autism and vaccines.  The Tribeca Film Festival was forced to remove the film Vaxxed from its schedule because of a threat from sponsors to pull funding. What DiNiro says is true.  Its not about being pro or anti-vaccinations.  Its about having […]

The World – Vaccines And Climate Change Won’t Matter If We’re All Dead

Instead of everyone focusing on the climate change argument…instead of Big Pharma rolling out dozens of vaccines to “protect” us from dozens of mostly harmless viruses such as measles and chicken pox…maybe, just maybe,  we need to focus our attention on drug-resistant bacteria.  Maybe we need Big Pharma to produce fewer vaccines and more antibiotics. […]

The World – Just How Many Vaccines Is Enough?

Another FYI about the vaccine industry. Sigh… Who is Brandy Vaughan and why should you care about what she says? Brandy Vaughan is a former sales rep for Merck, a vaccine maker so I think she does have some experience in the vaccine marketing machine.  Combine this interview with that of Robert Kennedy Jr that […]

Thunder Bay – Flu Vaccines…Are They Necessary? Do They Make Any Difference?

I think its funny to see how vaccines are mentioned in the article when in all likelihood, they had nothing to do with the better than expected flu season results. Understand that a flu vaccine that is designed using  flu virus A, will not protect you against any other flu virus. Taking the flu vaccine […]

The World – Poison Gas, Vaccines And GMOs…What Do They Have In Common? Bayer Of Course

Bayer….they are not now or have ever been just about aspirin…..When you think Bayer, think poison gas, vaccines and GMOs as well.  Monsanto is not the only evil corporation in the world… If you watch the video, pay attention to how some American corporations played both sides in World War II. After all, a dollar […]