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Canada – Trudeau Goes From Virtue-Signaller-In-Chief To Lying-Hypocrite-In-Chief

PM ‘confident’ he did nothing inappropriate at B.C. music festival in 2000 Prime Minister Justin Trudeau insisted Thursday he “did not act inappropriately” towards a female reporter at a B.C. music festival 18 years ago — but he also acknowledged that the woman he’s been accused of groping may have an entirely different perspective. Trudeau said he’s […]

Canada – Canadian Virtue-Signaler-in-Chief Roundly Mocked During Disasterous Trip To India

Our Virtue-Signaler-in-Chief continues to make international headlines.  Now the rest of the world get to see what we Canadians have to endure on a regular basis. Canadian PM Trudeau roundly mocked for political, fashion blunders during disastrous trip to India Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, normally a darling of Western media, has been roundly, and […]

The World – Greta Thunberg’s Yacht Trip To America Is The Ultimate In Virtual Signalling

Climate Activist Greta Thunberg’s Yacht Trip to America More Harmful to Environment Than Flying Six members of her team have to fly back to Germany from New York. Climate activist Greta Thunberg’s virtue signalling trip on a $4 million dollar yacht to lecture Americans about climate change will be more harmful to the environment than […]

The World – Scientists Join ‘No Fly’ Movement To Curb Emmisions

Scientists join ‘no fly’ movement to curb emissions There was a time when Angelica Lim, a Canadian robotics professor, travelled 20 times a year by plane, often to scientific conferences overseas. Then she took a test to calculate her carbon footprint. The results were shocking. “I realized that my carbon footprint was something like 20 […]

Thunder Bay – Academic World Lets Identity Bullies Run Wild

This from today’s Thunder Bay Chronicle Journal: “There’s no problem so awful, that you can’t add some guilt to it and make it even worse.”  – Calvin from Calvin and Hobbs Its been obvious for many decades that our education system is a hotbed of the social left.  Now Canadian academia has moved sooo far […]

Thunder Bay – Sunday

Trash in context Trash in context Flowers were recently planted in these giant ashtrays. One of Thunder Bay’s knuckledraggers decided that he/she did not agree with the idea of making the area more attractive.  Looks like the pot was tipped over. Looks like someone tried to put the flowers back.  Some of them anyway. I […]

Thunder Bay – The Race To Be Racist

Thunder Bay Public Library takes steps to ‘decolonize’ itself Chief librarian says ‘racism exists’ at the TBPL The Thunder Bay Public Library says it has taken action that demonstrates that “decolonization” of the library is “a conscious act and not a metaphor.” In the spring of 2017, in the wake of the findings of the national Truth […]

The World – Same-Sex Street Lights

Yup. This is now happening.  Seriously? Same-sex street lights signal intersectional push for diversity across central Canberra Pedestrians in Canberra are making slight double takes with the installation of same-sex pedestrian lights in the city centre. Eight new lights have been set up in the inner-north suburb of Braddon featuring both male and female same-sex […]

Canada – Federal Government Taking Serious Look At Handgun Ban In Wake Of Toronto Shooting

Federal government taking serious look at handgun ban in wake of Toronto shooting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will decide in mid-August whether to pursue a ban on handguns as part of a new legislative agenda he would outline in a fall Throne Speech, a senior official says. Mr. Trudeau has asked a team of advisers […]

Canada – Trudeau Needs To Resign As Leader Of The Federal Liberals

This commentary by Andrew MacDougall from Global News website: The facts about what Justin Trudeau can’t remember Seeing as facts are now apparently the front and demarcation lines between left and right in Canada, it’s perhaps the right time to look at the facts behind an 18-year-old allegation of groping against Justin Trudeau. READ MORE: No memory of ‘negative interactions,’ Trudeau says of groping allegations from […]