Canada – You Are Taking The Vaccine At Your Own Risk

 I think that people need to understand that they are taking the vaccine at their own risk and the manufacturers, the distributors, the vaccinators, everybody is immune from product liability. So if a person dies or has a crippling neurologic disease or some other adverse effect, very little if any compensation will be available. We have tested this only for a few months and we have not tested it in populations that are at highest risk. So I think that we are pretending to know a lot of  things that we just really don’t know and can’t know right now because not enough time has passed.

Jane Orient, Association of American Physicians and Surgeons

This is information that seems to be omitted from media coverage. Not mentioned by any of the talking heads on television that are classified as ‘health experts’.  Nor is it mentioned by our local health unit.

Canada is supposed to have a compensation program. Do you know anything about it?  I don’t. Nothing has ever been published giving the public any information on the program.

When someone tells you that the vaccines are safe, they should also include the words “as far as we know”.

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