Canada – If You Don’t Want To Wear A Mask, Carry A Sandwich Around With You

Hajdu defends not wearing mask at Pearson Airport

Health Minister Patty Hajdu says she takes mask requirements seriously, despite being photographed at Toronto’s Pearson International Airport not wearing one.

Masks are mandatory inside all airports in Canada.

“Following public health rules is important to me. I wear my mask at all times at Toronto Pearson, and only take it off to eat or drink, as allowed,” Hajdu responded on Twitter, after a picture of her not wearing a mask was posted  on Sunday to the social media site by a person who describes themselves as a staffer to Alberta’s advanced education minister.

The tweeter, whose handle is @ThanasipAB, accused Hajdu of setting a bad example in the post.

“Hi @PattyHajdu I don’t like wearing masks in indoor spaces either. But please don’t undermine PHAC’s efforts to reduce the spread of COVID. We all have to do our part. Please set a better example for Canadians.”

While there is no food or drink visible in the photo, a takeout food bag can be seen and a ministry spokesperson said Hajdu was in fact eating at the time the picture was taken.

“The minister was eating food from the takeout bag beside her.,” the spokesperson said in a release.
Hajdu is the MP for Thunder Bay-Superior North. –
article website here
I guess Patty’s idea of ‘eating’ is different than mine. I use that term when I am actually shoveling food into my mouth.  Biting, Chewing. Swallowing. Repeat.
This ‘eating’ excuse for not wearing a mask is common today.  If you don’t want to wear a mask just have some food within reach.  That is the situation I see in the article’s photo.
While riding on a city bus, a person used the fact that he was eating a bag of chips as a reason he was not wearing a mask.
In the US, Senator Ted Cruz was seen maskless on an airplane.  He had a cup of coffee sitting in front of him.   You can stretch out that coffee for an hour or more.
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