Canada – Lets Ban Private Jets

If urgent climate action is needed, then let’s #BanPrivateJets

As the din of climate hysteria grows ever louder, the eco-pious and super-rich call for urgent and drastic action on climate change. Justin Trudeau, still licking his wounds from being outed for his multiple episodes of blackface and brownface, took more heat today as he’s criss-crossing the country ahead of the forthcoming federal election with not one, but two private jets.

As these calls for immediate climate action are accelerating, in fact we’ve seen numerous trial balloons floated from a complicit mainsteam media (or as Canada’a reigning Liberals call it “Approved Media”).

These trial balloons / admonitions include:

And of course:

  • Fly less. Let’s have fewer planes in the air, to reduce carbon output.

These guidelines are understandably hard sells for Joe Public, as many common people like to eat meat, or need a car to get to-and-from work, and children, as demanding as they can be, eventually grow up and can mow our lawns and do chores around the house.

So if we’re serious about drastic climate action, right now, before the world ends, we need to do something that has maximum bang for the buck, while disrupting as few lives as possible. This way, the rabble masses will see that our leaders and elites are serious and they have the will to take whatever action necessary to make this happen. –

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I agree. Ban ALL private jets. Corporate executives and movie stars can use public transit like everyone else.

Trudeau said that his party bought carbon credits to offset the carbon that his two private jets will spew into the atmosphere during our election campaign.  This does not reduce the amount of carbon in our atmosphere. It just maintains the status quo.

According to Trudeau, if you have money, you can dump as much carbon into the atmosphere as you want.  If you can’t afford carbon credits, then tough. Your life sucks.

Had he not used a jet at all, he could have reduced the amount of carbon in our atmosphere. This is what a true climate-change fighter would do.  He could have taken a racing yacht to the west coast instead of flying as did Greta Thorburg.

There is always the train.  Jump on  the train on one coast and ride it across the country to the other coast.  If the train does not go to a certain city, then why does he have to go there to campaign?

Maybe ALL leaders of our political parties should take the same train.  Go to the same places. Hold a quick rally and then jump back on the train.   One train for them all.  That way, maybe our political leaders will learn how to get along.  Its a long train ride between cities.

Imagine if Trudeau, Scheer, May, Singh and Bernier had to ride on the same train for two months with Blanchet joining them for the Quebec portion of the trip.   Might make a great “Big Brother” series.

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