Canada – Manufacturing Fear


– James Risen, Pay Any Price: Greed, Power, and Endless War

There is an interview with James Risen in The Intercept which you can read  here.

Manufacturing fear…in Thunder Bay?  Well….


Remember Remembrance Day?  The Thunder Bay Police Department making people feel safe by protecting them from….well…nothing? Why do you think that was done?

Who benefits the most from having a population that is afraid? A population that is fearful?  Law Enforcement does, of course. Law Enforcement gain powers to make their jobs easier PLUS much larger budgets to buy more equipment and personnel to protect us from….well….whoever we are told to fear, of course. That’s whats beautiful about a war on terror. Its never over. Terrorists can be found anywhere. Harper just has to stand in front of a camera and say a murder was an act of terror and VOILA! We have an instant terror campaign happening right here in Canada.

Manufactured fear a Canadian epidemic
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