Canada – Masks Bad Then, Now Masks Good

What he said.  People need to hold governments accountable for this. Tens of thousands of people died in Canada because of this lie.

Three points:

  • by down playing to the people about importance of wearing PPE, the government and its health care experts knowingly endangered the lives  of the people because they did not want to divert to the people from the front line workers, PPE for which there was a shortage.  Thousands of people died needlessly because of this lie.  And theses same government and its health care experts are asking the people to trust their advice now.
  • the government and its health care experts present recommendation now is that any face covering will do if you don’t have a proper mask, why not recommend at the time that people their faces if not a proper mask?  Why now and not then?
  • did the government’s health experts downplay the importance of wearing a mask to cover up governments PPE handling incompetence?

What would Canada be like now if we were told to wear any face covering back in February/March?  We will never know. We were never given the opportunity to try.

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