Canada – Ottawa Had A Playbook For A Coronavirus-Like Pandemic 14 Years Ago. What Went Wrong? – Updated

Ottawa had a playbook for a coronavirus-like pandemic 14 years ago. What went wrong?

The more stuff you read, the more you learn just how your government let you down.  Complete and udder incompetence at every level of the bureaucracy that taxpayers fund, at great expense mind you, a bureaucracy that exists solely to keep us healthy and protect us against disease.

Tam needs to go. As far as I am concerned, she has zero credibility now.

links below added April 10, 2020

Government documents reveal a slow start to Canada’s COVID-19 response

Head of Canadian Medical Association pushes Ottawa to explain lack of preparation ahead of pandemic’s arrival

Canadian military intelligence unit issued warning about Wuhan outbreak back in January

Canadians would not have backed strict pandemic measures in mid-January, says official

yes, but people could have been told to wear masks….That might have slowed the rate of infection.  Recommend no handshakes, handwashing, avoiding crowds where possible, stuff like that. SARS was still in people’s minds, especially Toronto.

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