Canada – Pfizer’s Vaccine Not Approved For Canadians Under 16

Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine is not approved for Canadians under 16. Here’s why

Canadians under the age of 16 are not authorized to use the newly-approved coronavirus vaccine, Health Canada officials said on Wednesday.

This is because of a lack of data on how Pfizer’s injection affects younger Canadians, Health Canada’s chief medical advisor explained.

“The authorization is for people over the age of 16,” Dr. Supriya Sharma told reporters.

“In the clinical trials, there were some participants that were younger than that – so from the ages of 12 to 15 – that were added when that was expanded in terms of the clinical trials, but those numbers were very small.

This lack of data means more research will be required to determine whether kids and teens can safely use the vaccine. However, there’s still time for that work to be done – though officials shed no details on Wednesday as to what the plans may be for undertaking that work.

Over 6.4 million Canadian citizens are under the age of 16, according to Statistics Canada. That’s just shy of 17 per cent of Canada’s population — a large chunk of Canadians that won’t be able to be vaccinated with the currently-approved vaccine.

Canada is currently evaluating three other vaccine candidates – from Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson – but it’s unclear whether any of those will be safe for Canada’s younger population. – Global News

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Oh….that’s 17 per cent of the population. Nothing to see here. Keep moving along.

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