Canada – SARS-Cov-2 Vaccine May Not Work In Older People

COVID-19 vaccine may not work in older people, experts say

A vaccine against COVID-19 may not be as effective in older people who are most at risk of suffering complications and dying from the disease, according to U.K. researchers.

However, some experts say immunizing those around the elderly may help protect them.

Speaking at the House of Lords science and technology committee in London, U.K., researchers said targeting different groups in the population with vaccines should be closer studied as the world races to develop a vaccine for the novel coronavirus.

“Sometimes it is possible to protect a vulnerable group by targeting another group and this, for example, is being done with influenza. In the past few years, the U.K. has been at the forefront of rolling out the live attenuated vaccine for children,” Prof. Peter Openshaw from Imperial College London said at the committee hearing earlier this week.

Openshaw said administering the seasonal nasal spray flu vaccine to children who do not often get severe influenza helps protect their grandparents, for example.

The same could be said for COVID-19 vaccine, he added.

Dr. Eleanor Fish, an immunology professor at the University of Toronto, told that a coronavirus vaccine may not work on the elderly because their immune systems are “not as robust” as those of younger people. – CTVNews

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MAY not work?  Of course it won’t work. Vaccines need a working immune system in order to be effective.  I have been pointing this fact out for weeks.  The weaker your immune system is, the less effective a vaccine is.

This is also true for younger people.  For some reason, our high salaried residents of government have not advised citizens to strengthen their immune system. Maybe tell them how to strengthen their immune systems?  Its still their primary defense system against disease.

Today, the human diet consists mainly of processed crap. Young people are stuffing their faces with processed, high calorie junk food on a regular basis.  I would not count on the immune systems of a large portion of Canadians to protect me from any future pandemic, vaccine or no vaccine…and that includes the young.

I still think an effective vaccine against the plague apocalypse is a long shot anyway.  Its very possible that the answer may lie in a treatment such as injecting antibodies directly into people.  Maybe there is an existing drug that can be used to stop an infection from becoming serious enough to require hospitalization.  Who knows?

Maybe the human race’s dependence on Big Pharma will be its undoing. Natural selection is what got us to where we are.  People survived plagues and infections throughout history. We are their descendants.

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