Canada – Soldiers May Have Been Asymptomatic Coronavirus Carriers While Serving In Long-Term Homes

Soldiers may have been asymptomatic coronavirus carriers while serving in long-term care homes, Vance says

A handful of Canadian troops infected with the novel coronavirus may have been carrying the virus symptom-free when they were deployed to long-term care homes — and may even have contracted it in the hotels where they were billeted — the country’s top military commander acknowledged today.

The remarks by Gen. Jonathan Vance, chief of the defence staff, once again focused attention on the patchy testing regime employed by the Department of National Defence (DND) when over 1,600 troops were tasked with backstopping failing long-term care facilities in Quebec and Ontario.

As CBC News reported earlier this month, the military has been testing only those troops deployed to long-term care homes who have displayed symptoms of the virus. Asymptomatic military members have not been tested. – cbc news

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Nobody thought of testing everyone?  Seriously?  Never crossed anyone’s mind?

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