Canada – The Horse Bolted From The Barn Months Ago. Ottawa Is Now Closing The Door.

Face masks will be mandatory for all air travel

Travelers wishing to fly Canada’s friendly skies will have to have a non-medical mask on their person or they won’t be allowed to board.

The new regulation comes into effect at noon on Monday, according to Transport Canada.

According to Transport Minister Marc Garneau, passengers will be required to wear a mask at airport screening checkpoints, when they cannot physically distance from others and when directed to do so by airline authorities. – tbnewswatch

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Might have been useful to have this requirement back in January or February when it would have made a difference.

Oooooo, yes, the W.H.O. said that non-medical masks are ineffective.  Ooooo yes, our government followed this advice and did not require masks on planes, trains, streetcars or subways back before the pandemic took a foothold here in Canada.  Back when it would have made a difference.

NOW, after the horse has bolted from the barn, our high salaried residents of Parliament Hill have decided to close the barn door by making wearing a ‘mask’, in reality, anything that covers the nose and mouth, mandatory on planes. Yes now.

NOW the thing that was not effective in arresting the spread of COVID-19 virus only a couple of months ago is MANDATORY in the country’s fight to arrest the spread of the COVID-19 virus.

Of course, you can remove the ‘mask’ while eating or drinking on the plane?  Seriously?  Yes…seriously.

This is only to get people to go on a plane again.  That’s it.

Expect it, as part of the ‘new normal’, to be mandatory to wear a ‘mask’ every time you leave your house.  Except to eat and drink hahaha.

Will we still need the flu shot in the fall?  With masks, hand washing and social distancing part of the ‘new normal’, maybe the flu vaccine is not required. Hmm….

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