Canada – The Trans-Pacific Globalization Pact Ottawa Doesn’t Want To Talk About

As I have said time and time again, these trade pacts that our government is negotiating in total secrecy, trade pacts that are being written by corporations, will change every aspect of your life, your children’s lives and their children’s lives and so on…

Total secrecy?….You have to wonder just how bad this trade pact is to force governments into a complete news blackout.  Force governments to keep details of the trade deal out of the public domain.

Can you trust corporations to look out for your best interests?  Can you trust your government to look out for your best interest?  The answer is “no” to both questions. Democracy in Canada died a long time ago.

The TTP includes many low wage, low cost countries that I assume will replace China as the main source of cheap consumer goods in our country.  How this will benefit Canadians is beyond me.  More jobs headed overseas…

This is batshit scary stuff that nobody is talking about, and I think our government wants it that way.  Poor, in debt and stupid.. Ottawa’s idea of the perfect Canadian

The Trans-Pacific globalization pact Ottawa doesn’t want to talk about

It gets less attention than the Mike Duffy trial.

It’s not as weird as Alberta’s election campaign which, according to some polls, has the provincial New Democrats in first place.

But the Trans-Pacific Partnership globalization pact currently being negotiated by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservative government will affect Canadians far more than either of these admittedly juicy stories.

And its fate will be decided not in Ottawa but Washington.

Exact details of the proposed 12-country deal remain secret. Leaked draft chapters suggest that the pact, like most modern trade deals, will cover far more than trade.

It will give foreign multinationals the right to challenge domestic laws and regulations that interfere with their present or future profitability.

It will give multinational pharmaceutical companies greater patent protection, thereby putting upward pressure on the price of drugs.

It will promise environmental protection but include no real enforcement mechanism. – The Toronto Star

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