Canada – They Lied To Us To Cover Up Their Massive Incompetence

They lied and now we all have to pay…

Try get a mask now.  All our masks are made by other countries and those countries are now keeping all those masks for themselves.

Soooo, I guess when we are ordered to wear masks whenever we are outside, and yes that order is coming, we will need to resort be wrapping t-shirts around our heads.  Why?  Because the high salaried corporate whores that we elect to senior levels of government let us down. Then they looked us in the eyes and lied to try and cover up their incompetence. Hurrah!

U.S. surgeon general recommends use of non-medical masks to protect against COVID-19

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  1. bill westly
    bill westly at | | Reply

    DIY I know but hey people, better than nothing…please no comments…use them or don’t… caio.

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