Canada – What Has Your Government Done Over The Past 10 Months To Deal With The Virus?

Government’s only have one weapon and its locking down the public.  Did they expand hospital capacity? No.  Did they push hard for a rapid test? No.  Did they come up with any kind of treatment to attack the virus BEFORE the person has to be admitted into hospital? No.

Sooo what has your government done for you? To help you? Nothing really.

Our governments have had over 10 years since SARS to prepare for another pandemic.  In that time period, what exactly have they done to prepare for a pandemic such as the one that we are dealing with now?  Nothing.

All they do is lie. Lie to cover up their incompetence. Lie to cover up the fact that the very people that we pay to keep us safe, the very people we pay to ensure we are prepared, let us down.

You know what?  The public is soo stupid that they will once again elect the same incompetents to run our governments next election.  Insanity.

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