Canada – What’s An Extra $700,000 When Its Not Your Money?

Status of Women spent $1.1 million to create new office for minister: documents

Status of Women Minister Patty Hajdu approved a $1.1-million price tag to build a new suite of offices for herself and her staff earlier this year, even though she was told the cost might raise some eyebrows.

Hajdu wanted her new office to be in the same building as the rest of the agency — located at 22 Eddy St. in Gatineau, Que., according to documents obtained by The Canadian Press through the Access to Information Act.

Those documents also show that senior management fast-tracked the expensive renovation project to get her there, even before knowing how they would pay for it.

Hajdu, who was not available for comment on Friday night, chose to have the new offices built instead of renovating a space at the building housing Canadian Heritage, the department that contains the Status of Women Canada agency within its portfolio, the documents indicate.

That option would have cost about $400,000, with a much earlier completion date and a location directly across the street, but emails suggest it was never seriously considered.

Hajdu was also warned that the pricier option might create a political problem for her once the word got out.

“The cost is higher than (the space at Canadian Heritage), and could increase since the estimates at this time are not firm,” said a Jan. 26 memo prepared for Hajdu that detailed the pros and cons of the two options.

“(This) will likely be subject to public scrutiny and criticism.” – Tbnewswatch

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Interesting…news released on a weekend while the government is on Christmas recess.

That, people, is how its done.  Release bad/damaging news to the media when nobody is paying attention and the opposition cannot ask questions about it.

Spend more money (in this case $700,000) than necessary?  Just another day on Parliament Hill.

Belt tightening is an activity to be practices by the great unwashed only. Not by the chosen ones.

Soooo….go ahead  Minister…spend that money.  Your government will just take more…

PS – Right now all across this country, there are groups trying to raise money to help feed, house and clothe tens of thousands, if not the hundreds of thousands, of people/families.  Think about that Minister while you enjoy your new suites of offices.

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