Canada – Fascism Rears Its Ugly Head

Remember that a positive virus test not prove that you have an active virus in your system or are contagious.  Plus as many as 30% of the positive results are false. Yes, this is Canada now. Forced arrests in the name of “public interest”.  What is in the “public interest?”  I expect the government’s definition […]

Canada – Lockdown Proposal

If our political overlords and their health ‘expert’ lackeys decide to shut down the economy again, then I propose all politicians and health administrators that are part of that decision have their paychecks stopped. No pay until the lockdown is lifted.  No back-pay.  Wages lost are wages lost forever. That’s how things work in the […]

Canada – Questions About Canada’s Response To COVID-19

Woodward’s Trump revelations raise questions about Canada’s response to COVID-19 The revelations in journalist Bob Woodward’s new book about what U.S. President Donald Trump knew about the threat posed by COVID-19 in the early days of the pandemic have prompted new questions about the Canadian government’s response to the virus, given how much intelligence is shared between […]

Canada – Not Surprised That Hajdu Was Not Surprised

Hajdu not surprised to see provinces hit COVID pause buttons British Columbia has ordered all night clubs and banquet halls to close. In Ontario, Premier Doug Ford on Tuesday said the province will pause any new reopening plans by four weeks, as COVID-19 case numbers start to spike again. Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu said […]

Canada – Why Won’t Our Fight To Stop The Spread Of COVID-19 Not Also Stop The Seasonal Flu?

Getting a flu shot during the COVID-19 era: Here’s what you need to know Canadians are about to face yet another challenge in the COVID-19 pandemic: the arrival of flu season. Hoping to avoid what some have termed a “twindemic” — an influx of people becoming ill as influenza and the new coronavirus circulate at the […]

Canada – Physical Distancing And Mask Wearing For 2-3 Years, Even With Social Distancing And Masks for Two To Three Years, Even With Vaccine

Physical distancing, mask-wearing could be in place for 2-3 years even with vaccine, Tam warns Canadians shouldn’t expect a COVID-19 vaccine to be a “silver bullet” that will bring a swift end to the coronavirus pandemic and a return to normal, according to the country’s chief public health officer. Dr. Theresa Tam used her briefing on Tuesday in […]

Canada – Health Canada Approves Drug That Is Very Expensive And Does Not Work

Health Canada approves remdesivir to treat severe COVID-19 symptoms Health Canada has approved the use of remdesivir to treat patients with severe symptoms of COVID-19. The federal agency says the antiviral drug may be used to treat patients who have pneumonia and require extra oxygen to help them breathe. It’s the first drug that Health […]

Canada- Student Loan Debt

This applies to the Canadian post-secondary education industrial complex as well. Yes, college and university education is a racket. Related previous posts here, here, here

Canada – One Rule For Thee But Not For Me

Liberal ministers Hajdu, Duclos travelled often during pandemic even while warning public to stay home Even as they warned the public to stay home and avoid all travel during the pandemic’s height, two senior Liberal Cabinet ministers were moving between Ottawa and their ridings regularly using a government plane and a ministerial driver. Health Minister […]

Canada – Masks Bad Then, Now Masks Good

What he said.  People need to hold governments accountable for this. Tens of thousands of people died in Canada because of this lie. Three points: by down playing to the people about importance of wearing PPE, the government and its health care experts knowingly endangered the lives  of the people because they did not want […]