Canada – Canada Confirms 1st Case Of Rare Blood Clot After AstraZeneca COVID-19 Vaccine

FYI. Turns out the vaccine manufactured in India also produces the ‘rare’ blood clots….not just the vaccine manufactured in the UK.

Canada – You Are Taking The Vaccine At Your Own Risk

  I think that people need to understand that they are taking the vaccine at their own risk and the manufacturers, the distributors, the vaccinators, everybody is immune from product liability. So if a person dies or has a crippling neurologic disease or some other adverse effect, very little if any compensation will be available. […]

Canada – Canada Suspending Use Of AstraZeneca Vaccine In People Under 55

Why Canada is suspending use of AstraZeneca vaccine in people under 55 Canada’s vaccine advisory committee is recommending immediately suspending the use of the AstraZeneca-Oxford COVID-19 vaccine in Canadians under 55 following reports of rare but potentially fatal blood clots in Europe that appear to be connected to the shot. The National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) […]

Canada – Why Masks May Not Be As Protective As You Think

Interesting why all of a sudden there is this concern about the masks people are wearing. Why now?  The SARS-CoV-2 virus is still the same size as it was last year. The variants of concern ‘ version of the virus are the same size as the non-variant version of the virus. Nothing said in these […]

Canada – Vaccine Shopping

Pandemic-weary Canadians are ready to go shopping. COVID-19 vaccines are a bad place to start Canada will soon be awash in multiple brands of COVID-19 vaccines and suddenly, “vaccine shopping” is becoming a thing. Vaccine hesitancy was already a headache for governments and public health officials. So was vaccine tourism. But a perhaps unforeseen phenomenon […]

Canada – Canadian Government Delays Mandatory Traveler Quarantine

Hmmm…threatening a lawsuit seems to have got the government’s attention.  Interesting.

Canada – First They Came For the Conservatives And I Did Not Speak Out

 Hate speech and  terrorism…the main reasons groups and people are being banned from social media today. MPs agree to call on feds to declare Proud Boys a terrorist entity …“We’re very mindful of ideologically-motivated violent extremists, including groups like the Proud Boys. They are white supremacists, anti-Semitics, Islamophobic, misogynist groups. They’re all hateful, they’re […]

Canada - Why You Might Want To Start Wearing Better Masks-Even Outdoors

Canada – Why You Might Want To Start Wearing Better Masks-Even Outdoors

Why you might want to start wearing better masks — even outdoors The spread of more contagious coronavirus variants in Canada amid already high levels of COVID-19 makes it a critical time to think about the masks we wear. Whether that means finding better quality masks, doubling up on masks, or wearing them in settings […]

Canada – Vaccine Manufacturers Concerned About Provinces Delaying Second Doses

Vaccine manufacturers concerned about provinces delaying second doses While Canada’s top immunization experts have signed off on provinces delaying the administration of the second Pfizer and Moderna doses in an effort to begin vaccinating more people with a small supply, Procurement Minister Anita Anand says she’s heard concerns from the manufacturers that may impact future […]

Canada – Canada Needs Its Own Virus Variant

Another “Mutant” COVID Strain Discovered In Japan As Greater Tokyo Outbreak Worsens As paranoia surrounding the dawn of new COVID “variants” reaches a fever pitch, local scientists are claiming that the Japanese Health Ministry said it had tracked down yet another variant of COVID-19 partly similar to the strains from the UK and South Africa, […]