Canada – Time To Dump The W.H.O.

Canada should take its cues from countries where the virus is under control, not from the WHO Late last year, the WHO, along with the rest of the world, had good reason to receive initial information from China on the strange new virus emerging out of Wuhan with some skepticism. The extraordinary early measures the […]

Canada – Canadian Meat Industry Warns Of ‘Immediate And Drastic’ Impact To Supply

Canadian Meat Industry Warns Of “Immediate And Drastic” Impact To Supply We have been covering the impact of coronavirus on meat processing facilities in the U.S. and now it looks as though Canada is feeling the shockwaves as well.  The country’s supply chain could come under pressure as industry leaders in Canada have warned of “immediate and […]

Canada – Your Tax Dollars At Work – N95 Masks

Experts criticize Ottawa for mismanaging and destroying millions of N95 masks The government of Canada threw out two million N95 masks and 440,000 medical gloves when it shut down an emergency stockpile warehouse in Regina last year, a CBC investigation has revealed. In an email to CBC, a spokesperson for the Public Health Agency of […]

Canada – Missed Opportunities May Prolong Response Measures

Missed opportunities to address COVID-19 early may prolong response measures, experts say Canada missed opportunities early on to tackle the COVID-19 pandemic and put itself in a better position to flatten the curve of infections sooner, say experts looking at the country’s response to the pandemic. “Look at what the government has had to do in […]

Canada – Ottawa Had A Playbook For A Coronavirus-Like Pandemic 14 Years Ago. What Went Wrong? – Updated

Ottawa had a playbook for a coronavirus-like pandemic 14 years ago. What went wrong? The more stuff you read, the more you learn just how your government let you down.  Complete and udder incompetence at every level of the bureaucracy that taxpayers fund, at great expense mind you, a bureaucracy that exists solely to keep […]

Canada – Tam Says There Are Situations Where Wearing A Homemade Mask Outside Is ‘A Good Idea’

Tam says there are situations where wearing a homemade mask outside is ‘a good idea’ Officials in Canada have been wary of recommending masks, wanting the public to focus on the essential measures of physical distancing and frequent washing of hands. But the messaging has begun to shift to include a place for homemade masks. […]

Canada – They Lied To Us To Cover Up Their Massive Incompetence

They lied and now we all have to pay… Try get a mask now.  All our masks are made by other countries and those countries are now keeping all those masks for themselves. Soooo, I guess when we are ordered to wear masks whenever we are outside, and yes that order is coming, we will […]

Canada – The Ugly Truth About Politicians

Feds likely didn’t have enough protective gear in emergency stockpile: Hajdu The federal government likely did not have enough protective equipment in its emergency stockpile to meet needs during the COVID-19 pandemic, Health Minister Patty Hajdu acknowledges. Successive governments in Ottawa have not spent enough money preparing for public-health crises, Hajdu told a news conference Wednesday. Federal officials are now working hard […]

Canada – Some Health Experts Questioning Advice Against Wider Use Of Masks

Some health experts questioning advice against wider use of masks to slow spread of COVID-19 Science magazine had been trying for days to speak to the elusive George Gao, head of China’s Centre for Disease Control and Prevention. When the magazine asked him if he could point to any mistakes that might explain why Western countries were struggling to […]

Canada – Government Message Not Credible.

Official nonsense on masks, travel bans is killing Ottawa’s COVID-19 credibility On Saturday, the federal government announced passengers with COVID-19 symptoms would be barred from domestic air and train travel, effective noon on Monday. “It will be important for operators of airlines and trains to ensure that people who are exhibiting symptoms do not board,” Prime Minister […]