Canada - Can't Find Qualified Burger Flippers?

Canada – Can’t Find Qualified Burger Flippers?

McDonald’s uses temporary foreign workers as a “last resort” for employers who can’t find qualified people locally, the statement says. But when necessary, employers must prove that there is a genuine labour shortage, the foreign workers must be provided government approved minimum hours and wages and in some cases provided suitable housing. …can’t find qualified workers…Qualified to […]

Canada – Temporary Foreign Workers 2

The Temporary Foreign Worker situation in Canada is worse than anyone could have imagined This program has to stop.

Thunder Bay – The Trouble With Experts Revisit

We all count on experts, but should we trust them? Turns out, the more certain their pronouncements, the more likely they are to be wrong. – The Trouble With Experts CBC Doc Zone Worth a watch.  These are the people our City Hall are paying big piles of cash to make decisions for the City […]