Ebolapalooza – Ebola Surges Back After “Recovery”

More information on the return of Ebola. Apparently, scientists have a hard time admitting that they don’t know everything.  If they don’t understand these rogue Ebola cases, they call them  “anomalies”. Science still has a long way to go before it can master the ins and outs of nature. Anyway, the Ebola virus is more […]

Ebolapalooza – The Cat Came Back, The Very Next Day, The Cat Came Back, They Thought He Was A Goner But The Cat Came Back, He Just Wouldn’t Stay Away

Ebola ain’t dead yet. Its like the game Whack a Mole. You knock one down in one spot and another pops up somewhere else. The people who contracted Ebola and were supposedly cured, still have the Ebola virus hiding somewhere in their bodies. Scientists are learning just how little they know about viruses.  Good to […]

Ebolapalooza - Ebola Epidemic May Be Over...Drug Companies Disappointed

Ebolapalooza – Ebola Epidemic May Be Over…Drug Companies Disappointed

Bad news for the vaccine companies. Not enough people getting infected with Ebola to successfully test their Ebola vaccines.  The Ebola crisis appears to have run its course and will soon be over. I am sure that vaccine manufacturers would have liked the crisis to continue for a few more months, infecting thousands more and killing […]

Ebolapalooza – How Ebola Can Hide In Survivors

Funny…Ebola?  High mortality rate?  Nothing to worry about….No reason to panic….but measles?  Measles? Mortality rate of almost zero? Be afraid?  Be very afraid? This story, which confirms the fact that Ebola still hangs around inside survivors for ???? but that is no reason to worry?  We are in uncharted medical territory here. The mainstream media […]

Ebolapalloza – Patient Being Monitored In Toronto

Just because Ebola is not in the news, it is still very much an ongoing problem. Sunnybrook Hospital In Toronto Monitoring A Patient For Ebola Sunnybrook Hospital in Toronto is currently determining whether or not a patient in their care has the Ebola virus. A media release noted the patient was sick with fever and […]

Ebolapalooza – Latest Update

Just when you thought there was nothing new happening in the world of Ebola, there is this…. I don’t think that there is anything to be worried about here in Canada right now. What I AM worried about is just how much information the media is NOT giving us. You want to create a breeding […]

Ebolapalooza – She’s Sorry?

Ahhhh yes…She is sorry for breaking her Ebola quarantine. She’s sorry for possibly putting millions of lives in danger…She’s sorry… You know, when it comes to a virus as deadly as Ebola and a city as large and crowded as New York, sorry just isn’t good enough… Are there other people violating their quarantine?  Likely […]

Ebolapalooza – The Virus Must Be Stopped In Africa

Ebola …. there is more to this virus than we are being told.  Why are we not being told this stuff?  For our own protection, of course. (Much of what is on this video is covered in previous Ebolapalooza posts.  Check them out by clicking on Ebolapalooza below this post.) Once again, vigilance and proper […]

Ebolapalooza - A Bunch Of Guys Promising To Wear Condoms

Ebolapalooza – A Bunch Of Guys Promising To Wear Condoms

Interesting… “Since Ebola can be transmitted through sexual contact,” she said, “male survivors are sent home with condoms and instructed to use them for the next three months if they engage in intercourse.” Good to know.  All that stands between the world and a  global pandemic is a bunch of guys promising to wear condoms […]

Ebolapalooza - Ebola Or Heart Attack?

Ebolapalooza – Ebola Or Heart Attack?

I consider Alex Jones to be a little out there when it comes to some of his story lines. This, however,  is different because there are witnesses.  Evidence. You have to wonder what happened because Ebola was in the news constantly and then…POOF, its gone.  Almost ZERO coverage in the media. As I have said […]