Ontario – Facsim Continues To Rear Its Ugly Head Once More

OPP stepping up COVID-19 enforcement Those flouting Ontario’s stricter gathering limits could face the consequences, Ontario Provincial Police are warning. The OPP says it will enforce new social gathering limits of 10 people indoors and 25 outdoors introduced Sept. 19, including through the use of new powers. Police officers now have the authority to temporarily close any […]

Ontario – Positive Test Results On The Rise. So What? We Need More Information.

Rising number of COVID-19 cases in Ontario ‘cause for concern’ says Ford With the number of COVID-19 cases steadily rising in Ontario, the provincial government is reminding the public to continue to follow public health guidelines in order to weather an inevitable second wave. “Today’s numbers are a cause for concern for all of us,” […]

Ontario – We Need To Know The Whole Story. What Happens To The Infected?

New COVID-19 cases in Ontario surge to highest number in more than a month Ontario is reporting a surge in the number of new COVID-19 cases, recording the highest number of infections in more than a month. Health officials confirmed 148 new infections on Saturday. The last time Ontario reported a number this high was on […]

Ontario – You Reap What You Sow – It Did Not Have To Be Like This

Ford stands firm amid growing calls to revise Ontario’s back-to-school plan Politicians and teachers are calling on the Ontario government to revisit its back-to-school plan as the premier continued to assert the strategy to reopen classrooms does enough to keep students and staff safe from the COVID-19 pandemic. Doug Ford stood firm in the face […]

Ontario – Let Your Grass Grow

Why ‘No Mow May’ could be a boon for Toronto’s bumble bee populations Like the hair on our heads during coronavirus lockdowns, conservationists are encouraging people to let their lawns grow a little wilder than usual this month. That’s the idea behind the burgeoning “No Mow May” movement, which, as you might have guessed, is […]

Ontario – Do As I Say, Not As I Do

Doug Ford appears to contradict official health advice by having daughters over Premier Doug Ford revealed Monday he recently had two of his daughters visit him, in apparent contradiction of official provincial advice.here Asked Monday if the concept of two-household “bubbles” would come to Ontario soon, as it has to other provinces beginning to reopen, […]

Ontario – There Are Lies, Damn Lies And Statistics

He brings up some interesting points. According to the provincial government’s latest fear-porn release, f the province were to do nothing to combat the plague apocalypse, over the next 24 months, 100,000 could die. On any given year, 100,000 people die in the province. Sooo, how many of that 100,000 plague victims would have died […]

Ontario – Computer Modelling Needs Lots And Lots Of Data

Province to release ‘stark’ COVID-19 models on Friday The province is investing millions into mental health supports for Ontarians as it prepares to release COVID-19 modeling numbers on Friday that Premier Doug Ford says will be a ‘real wakeup call.’ “People will see some very stark figures tomorrow,” Ford said during his daily media briefing […]

Thunder Bay – Drivethru COVID-19 Testing

Drive-thru coronavirus test centres could help reduce spread in Canada Drive-thru clinics testing people for COVID-19 in South Korea could serve as a model for Canada, where the spread of the virus is comparatively limited but increasing to the point that such early interventions could be considered, an epidemiologist says. Stephen Hoption Cann of the University of British Columbia’s […]

The World – Hundreds Of NYC Subway Cars Being Pulled From Service Due To Malfunctioning Doors

Hundreds Of NYC Subway Doors Are Being Pulled From Service Due To Malfunctions As many New Yorkers already know, nothing exemplifies government efficiency better than Manhattan’s Metro Transportation Authority. Complaining about it is part of what being a New York resident is all about – just ask the Wall Street Journal’s Charley Grant, who takes to […]