Ontario – Local Health Unit Reports 26 New Cases, One Death While The Province Not Using Life COVID-19 Treatment

Health unit reports 26 new cases, one death The Thunder Bay District Health Unit reported 26 new COVID-19 cases Saturday, along with the district’s 53rd death linked to the virus. Saturday’s total included cases from Friday, when the health unit did not report new infections. Active cases in the district hit their lowest level in […]

Ontario – Ontario Reviewing Second Dose Timeline For SARS-CoV-2 Jab

Why governments thought they knew better than the companies that produced the vaccine is beyond me…but not surprising. I am of the opinion that our governments, both federal and provincial have screwed the vaccination  effort up putting lives at risk.  What else can you expect from any program that a bureaucratic monstrosity that is our […]

Ontario – March Break Postponed Until April

Ontario is postponing March break until the week of April 12 in an effort to reduce the spread of COVID-19, a move decried by critics who argued the government should instead be focusing on making schools safer.- Canadian Press read full article here March Break postponed to April. Think about it. March Break in April.

Ontario – Dryden Restaurant Will Open Tomorrow For Takeout and Indoor Dining. – Updated 02/02/21

UPDATED 02/02/21: Dryden restaurant no longer planning to reopen dining area The restaurant is no longer going to open dine-in service. Now we wait to see what happens on February 11th. Will lockdowns be lifted? Dryden restaurant plans to reopen dine-in service during lockdown A restaurant in Dryden says it will reopen to dine-in service […]

Ontario – Our Governments Are Incompetent And Now Its All Our Fault

The population of Ontario, the entire country actually, are being punished for our government’s lack of preparedness.  Our government’s complete incompetence. Our high salaried residents of Queens Park and Parliament Hill have had over18 years since the SARS pandemic to prepare for another virus. They did nothing. Our high salaried residents of Queens Park and […]

Ontario – Can You Walk A Cat?

If there is no scientific proof that lockdowns actually make a difference when it comes to slowing the spread of the SARS-CoV-2 virus, then what justification is there for imposing it on citizens? Seriously. What is it? As stated in the video, the government needs to be seen as doing something. Anything. Even if the […]

Ontario - Government Lays Down Even More Restrictions

Ontario – Government Lays Down Even More Restrictions


Ontario – All Of Ontario Now A Prison

Mauro sees stay at home order as response to ‘grave concerns’ about COVID-19 cases The second declaration of a state of emergency and the stay at home order issued by the provincial government is in response to what Thunder Bay Mayor Bill Mauro sees as a grave concern about the growing number of COVID-19 cases […]

Ontario - When Your Only Tool Is A Hammer

Ontario – When Your Only Tool Is A Hammer

Ontario – At Some Point, People Will Stop Listening To Ford And DeMille

Ontario ‘in crisis’ says Premier Doug Ford The province of Ontario is in a crisis, says Premier Doug Ford, and new COVID-19 modelling numbers are being described as ‘scary.’ “I’ve never stressed this so much than now,” Ford said during a media briefing on Friday. “We are in a crisis. That is how I can […]