Ontario – Brown Is Calling Wynne’s Bluff

Patrick Brown’s bad judgment PATRICK Brown doesn’t learn and doesn’t appear to want to learn, or care. By refusing to withdraw a baseless and defamatory allegation against Premier Kathleen Wynne, the Conservative leader seems to want to provoke a legal tussle. Which won’t be good for him and will further aggravate relations among all parties […]

Ontario – The Corporatocracy Will Run The Marijuana Business In Ontario

Ontario government’s marijuana monopoly could weed out craft growers TORONTO — Ontario’s plan to sell and distribute recreational pot exclusively through a network of government-operated stores could lock in the dominance of the country’s large-scale licensed marijuana producers and weed craft growers out of the market The process of purchasing recreational cannabis will be very […]

Ontario – Leave It To Queens Park To Screw Up Marijuana Sales

Ontario plans 150 LCBO-run pot shops by 2020 Ontario plans to sell marijuana in as many as 150 dedicated stores run by the province’s liquor control board after Ottawa legalizes its recreational use next summer, the Liberal government announced Friday. Those looking to purchase marijuana when it becomes legal across the country will be subject to […]

Ontario – Bombardier Shipped Unfinished Streetcars To Toronto And Finished Them There

Bombardier shipped unfinished streetcars to Toronto and then finished them here in order to meet delivery targets The TTC agreed to let Bombardier ship unfinished streetcars to Toronto and complete them on the transit agency’s property in order to successfully meet 2016 delivery targets, the Star has learned. The Quebec-based rail manufacturer has famously struggled […]

Ontario - Toronto Caribbean Carnival Parade

Ontario – Toronto Caribbean Carnival Parade

Caught the end of the Toronto Caribbean Carnival parade.

Ontario – MNR Aerial Spraying Starts August…Herbicide Contains Glyphosate

Berry pickers raise alarm over herbicide spraying Aroland First Nation says blueberries being harmed by MNR’s aerial herbicide spraying program A First Nation that harvests blueberries to eat and sell say the Ministry of Natural Resources’ herbicide spraying program is bad for business. The economic development officer for Aroland First Nation said community members harvest […]

Ontario – Kenora MP Bob Nault Covers Own Ass

Suicide crisis unacceptable, says Nault To most parents, losing a child to suicide is unfathomable; a pain so heart-breaking that it cannot even be imagined. This pain is becoming a daily reality for families in First Nations communities in Northern Ontario, most recently in Pikangikum and Nibinamik. Parents are losing their children. Brothers and sisters […]

Canada – Third Girl Involved In Suicide Pact Dies In Remote Ontario First Nation

3rd girl involved in suicide pact dies in remote Ontario First Nation A suicide pact in Wapekeka First Nation in northern Ontario has resulted in the death by suicide of a third 12-year-old girl. Jenera Roundsky was declared dead on Tuesday night at the nursing station after being discovered at the community hockey rink by another […]

Ontario – Minimum Wage Going To $15 An Hour

Ontario becomes 2nd province to go ahead with $15 an hour minimum wage Premier Kathleen Wynne says Ontario will bring in $15 wage by 2019, a few months after Alberta does saME Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne has announced a plan to increase the provincial minimum wage to $15 an hour by Jan. 1, 2019. The increase would be phased […]

Ontario – Gender Neutral Birth Cerificates

Gender-neutral birth certificates could be issued in Ontario by 2018 Gender-neutral birth certificates could be issued in Ontario as early as next year, provided the province can work out bureaucratic hurdles involving other governments. Ontario’s minister of government and consumer services said Thursday consultations will be held on the matter this summer and the province is working to ensure […]