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The World – Malaria Drug And Zinc, The Missing Link

HCQ plus Zinc might be the answer we are all praying for. For some reason (money), media, Big Pharma and the WHO don’t want to give it a fair study. Me thinks that suggests that HCQ plus Zinc works. Tests would show that. Therefore, no study. Cheap generic drug that could make a vaccine unnecessary? […]

The World – The War Against Hydroxychloroquine

Hundreds of millions of doses taken over many decades as a prophylactic against malaria. No issue at all. No heart issues. Nothing. All of a sudden, taking the drug is equivalent to attempting suicide.  Why? I believe it has to do with money. Hydroxychloroquine is cheap and generic. Big Pharma makes no money off of […]

The World – Part 1 Of The Plandemic Film

Dr. Judy Mikovits talks about the caronavirus and AIDS.  This video has been removed from all social media sites as well as YouTube. Why? The patent/conflict of interest stuff mentioned in the video was first brought up by Robert Kennedy Jr.  The CDC has drug patents.  Why is that?  

The World – The Hong Kong Flu Of 1969 That Nobody Remembers

How Hong Kong flu struck without warning 50 years ago, and claimed over a million lives worldwide Known formally as H3N2, the flu strain was highly contagious, and left clinics in the city packed, with 500,000 people infected, before it steadily spread through Asia, Australia, Africa, South America, Europe and the US Today, July 13, […]

The World – Meet Bill Gates

He is not what you think he is…..unless you think he is Satan.  Then he may exactly who you think he is. Video website here Previous related post here

The World – Two Month Old Korean Interview With US Virologist

An interview with US virologist by Korea Times that is two months old but contains some interesting information. Information that we Canadians did not have access to. Its one person’s opinion soo you have to take everything he says with a grain of salt. Still it is information and knowledge is power. more recent interview […]

The World – Coronavirus In Sweden

The path not taken…. I wonder if anyone in Ottawa or Queens Park considered this as an option early in the pandemic? Flattening the curve while not completely shutting down the economy and society sounds like it would have been a good first step.  Instead our governments went nuclear right away. Why?  Panic? I am […]

The World – Its All About The Stock Price

Where’s the beef? Where is the data? Show us the data. Right now, press releases about any vaccine or treatment candidate is all about pumping up the stock prices. If the test results are less than impressive, don’t present them. Just SAY that the results shows promise. That is why there is a full on […]

The World – Some Good News

For those looking for some good news for a change, there is Some Good News with John Krasinski.  video website here

The World – Bill Gates And The Population Control Grid

video website here Biomteric identity implants…..ahhh yes. Now I understand.  Track everyone. Not the population control you thought he was talking about, is it? previous related posts here