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The World – U.S. Buys Worldwide Stock Of Ineffective SARS CoV-2 Drug

U.S. buys up worldwide stock of remdesivir, drug seen as potential COVID-19 treatment The United States has secured nearly the entire worldwide supply of remdesivir, a drug that’s proven effective for severely ill patients of the novel coronavirus — leaving hardly any for Canada and the rest of the world. The Department of Health and […]

The World – List Of Virus Symptoms Grows

COVID CHECKLIST  THREE new virus symptoms revealed including diarrhea and runny nose THE Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has revealed three new coronavirus symptoms including diarrhea and runny nose. Congestion or runny nose, nausea and diarrhea were added to the wide range of possible COVID-19 symptoms listed on the federal agency’s website. The added […]

The World – SARS-Cov-2 Disturbing Parralel To H.I.V.

and things keep getting better and better… “Disturbing Parallel To HIV”: COVID-19 Can Cause Depletion Of Important Immune Cells, NY Times Admits Once again, it looks as though what was once being peddled as Covid-19 “conspiracy theory” on our site appears to have turned out to have been accurate news reported months before the mainstream media. Go figure. […]

The World – Assad Does Not Have To Go After All

Hundreds of thousands of deaths, millions of people now refugees, cities destroyed and all for what? Canada also supported the opposition in Syria. Canada took in a group of White Helmets when they were about to be captured by the Syrian Army. I believe the White Helmets were not what the mainstream media tells us […]

The World – BioMilq, Bayer Settles Roundup Cancer Lawsuits, RCMP NS Shooter May Have Been RCMP Undercover Asset

Breast milk created in a lab…what could go wrong? show notes here Macleans article below The Nova Scotia shooter case has hallmarks of an undercover operation

The World – Fact Check: Polio Vaccines, Tetanus Vaccines And The Gates Foundation

This video relates to previous post here show notes here

The World – Was The High Death Rate In Care Homes Created On Purpose?

Did the government write off the elderly during this pandemic?  Were the elderly sacrificed to build up death numbers to instill fear in the public?  Fear make it easier to control the population. Rosemary Frei has an M.Sc in molecular biology from a faculty of medicine and was a freelance medical journalist for 22 years. […]

The World – Who Watches The Watchers?

You need to question everything. There is a lot of misinformation out there. Problem is that most people don’t want to invest the kind of time and effort it takes to verify the source of every news story they read. Google now controls the information that most of the population can access.  With Google, its […]

The World – Why The Public Wasn’t Told To Wear Masks When Coronavirus Pandemic Began

Fauci: why the public wasn’t told to wear masks when the coronavirus pandemic began Medical masks and cloth face coverings are now a common sight when venturing out in public amidst the coronavirus pandemic; most states require them as part of reopening plans, and the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) advocates their use. […]

The World – More Scientists Now Believe Coronavirus Altered In Lab

Not sure it matters anymore. Its not like governments all over the world are going to stop playing around with deadly viruses. One day, a virus will escape from one of these labs, and yes we have one in Winnipeg, and kill everyone on the planet. Its just a matter of time. previous related posts […]