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The World – University Of Oxford – AstraZeneca

show notes here Interesting video talking about the history of the people/companies behind this vaccine. A couple of things I learned Google is an investor in this vaccine. The company also decides what your Internet search results are going to be. The real payoff for these vaccine companies is the long term annual booster shots. […]

The World – Beginnings Of Herd Immunity In The US?

Interesting perspective from a professor of microbiology at Columbia University.. Vincent R. Racaniello is a Higgins Professor in the Department of Microbiology and Immunology at Columbia University’s College of Physicians and Surgeons. He is a co-author of a textbook on virology, Principles of Virology. – Wikipedia I’ve linked to a post from Vincent Racaniello before. […]

The World – Is What Happened in Texas A Wake-up Call For Our Governments?

What Went Wrong With Texas’s Main Electric Grid and Could It Have Been Prevented? After winter storms continued to barrage the state Tuesday night, officials with the Electric Reliability Council of Texas (ERCOT), the body overseeing the grid that serves 90 percent of the state’s homes, couldn’t offer a timeline for when power for every […]

The World – Are We Headed For A Market Crash

The man makes a lot of sense. With everyone talking about COVID, nobody is talking about this. Maybe we should. In this video Patrick Bet-David breaks down the 10 signs that are predicting the next market crash is coming video website here for those who are interested in how to prepare for an economic collapse… […]

The World – Germany Hired Koch Institute And Other Scientists To Justify Lockdowns

Germany Hired Koch Institute And Other Scientists To Justify Unconstitutional Lockdowns: Die Welt One of Germany’s largest newspapers, Die Welt, has obtained evidence that the Interior Ministry hired scientists from the Robert Koch institute and several universities to justify the country’s strict lockdown measures. The documents – more than 200 pages which were recovered after […]

The World – Disneyland Versus Disney World

Another example of why lockdowns don’t work.  There is no scientific evidence that lockdowns prevent the spread of a virus.  

The World – Break-Ups During Lockdowns

Strain on relationships. Increased divorces. Increased drug overdoses. Suicides up.  All that PLUS the financial hardships that are presently facing businesses and a high unemployment rate. Yup…the lockdowns are working just fine.

The World – Tech Not Government Is Our New Ruler

and I’m trying not to die from COVID so I can live in that world? Why?

The World – Tim Dillon Talking To Tech Giants On Clubhouse

Tim Dillon is a comedian.  Here is his take on what is going on right now. The future is going to be glorious and if you behave and toe the line , you will be allowed to live it it.

The World – You Will Own Nothing And Be Happy

If we will not own anything, then who will own it?  Who will own the land? Your house? Furniture?  Everything? You will rent all this stuff.  Rent it from who?  Take a guess. Feudalism. That is what this is. Serfs and elite landowners. Will you be happy?  Will you have a choice? The Largest Owners […]