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The World - Taxes

The World – Taxes

An interesting rant about taxes…nobody can’t say Stephan Molyneaux is boring… A lot of what he says about government debt  is true.  Mortgaging our children’s future and maybe their children’s future as well.  A lot of US tax references but I believe that most of his rant applies to both countries equally.  Some of what […]

The World – Exnay on the Ichray

FYI World Bank ease of doing business chart here.    

The World - War Is Not Healthy For People And Other Living Things...Unless You're A Banker Or Corporation

The World – War Is Not Healthy For People And Other Living Things…Unless You’re A Banker Or Corporation

When was the last time that any war anywhere amounted to anything more than a swindle for the benefit for the bankers and the war industry or anything less than a blood bath for the average man or woman in the target country?  James Corbett …but there are a lot of people that make money […]

The World - ZunZuneo

The World – ZunZuneo

This is how the US stirs up trouble in countries such as the Ukraine using their humanitarian aid organizations. NGOs are supposed to be Non-Government organizations.  Not some US based NGOs.  Another example of the US interfering in another government’s business. A non-governmental organization (NGO) is any non-profit, voluntary citizens’ group which is organized on […]

The World - Temporary Foreign Workers

The World – Temporary Foreign Workers

  Yup…they are bringing in temporary foreign workers to work at McDonald’s.  The company admits that 4% of its workforce are temp foreign workers.  Why is that?  Four percent out of 85,000 is still 3,400 jobs being filled by foreigners.  Why? Yesssssssssss…Darth Harper…excellent worker A year old list that shows the Canadian Companies that have […]

The World – What If The Moon Was A Disco Ball?

This very cool.  FYI.  Once you get passed all the science stuff, the visuals are stunning. Not political. Nothing to do with the world economy.  Nothing to do with the Event centre.  Not bank related.  Its simply beautiful to watch.

The World- NATO…What Is It Good For? Absolutely Nothing?

What is the purpose of NATO?  Why does it exist? I know that RT is a Russian news organization and yes, they have an incentive to throw NATO into question.  Broadcast propaganda.  Of course. If you think that mainstream media of other world powers are not spewing their governments propaganda, then you are living in […]

The World - The Global Casino

The World – The Global Casino

Imagine if you will a world where you are allowed to gamble as much as you want. Level of risk does not matter. A world where you get to keep all your winnings and have your losses replaced by the poor completely ignorant taxpayer.  You can’t lose.  Sounds great right? Well that is the world […]

The World - Money From Nothing And Its Not Free

The World – Money From Nothing And Its Not Free

This $1 billion for Ukraine is a rip-off for the America taxpayer, but it is also a bad deal for Ukrainians. Not a single needy Ukrainian will see a penny of this money, as it will be used to bail out international banks who hold Ukrainian government debt. According to the terms of the International […]

The World - Stock Market Rigged?

The World – Stock Market Rigged?

Saw this story on 60 minutes last night. This stuff is not really new as many people have known about it for quite a while.  The problem was that nobody knew what to do about it. Right now, its legal to front trade by this method.  How it is legal, I have no idea. I […]