The World – Perceived Scarcity Creates Demand

Yup…Notice how the longer it takes to get the vaccine into peoples’ arms, the more frantic the public becomes.   

Thunder Bay - Friday - Two Weeks Until Christmas

Thunder Bay – Friday – Two Weeks Until Christmas

Good to see people are getting some Vitamin C.  Works better if you actually eat the orange though, I have noticed that trash attracts trash. The Nature Valley pack was all alone only a couple of days ago. Now it is joined by a take-out tray. Might make a good Christmas card. The things you […]

The World – A US State Will Require Disclosure Of PCR ‘Cycle Threshold’ Data In COVID Tests

This is information that we should have as well. All positive tests are not equal. Also…The virus is SARS-CoV-2 while the illness caused by the virus  is COVID-19. You can be infected with the SARS-CoV-2 virus without coming down with COVID-19. Think of HIV and AIDS as an example. You can test positive for HIV […]

The World – False Flags And The Dawn Of Bioterrorism

We are puppets being manipulated by our governments and their corporate overlords.  The recent COVID-19 virus gives us a good idea of where this is headed….mass surveillance and complete control of every aspect of public life. show notes here

The World – This Week In Tyranny

First they came for the children… show notes here related post here

Thunder Bay - Monday

Thunder Bay – Monday

The heatwave continues   MV Maasgracht MV Fraserborg It must be confused. Daily mask photo Two for the price of one photo today Trash in context A change of clothes for someone? Not seeing a lot of these around anymore.  They are still there if you look hard enough.

The World – COVID-19 Plus Five

The world five years after COVID-19…what are we supposed to expect?  Is it a world anyone will want to live in? show notes here  

Thunder Bay – Relationship Between Between Copper, Sodium Hydroxide Well Known

Chemistry professor says relationship between copper, sodium hydroxide well known The city introduced sodium hydroxide into the municipal water supply in 2018 to reduce the amount of lead leaching into the drinking water in homes with lead pipes. The practice was discontinued in 2020 after the city received a number of complaints about pinhole leaks. “The […]

Ontario – Second Wave Or Still First Wave?

Ontario ‘officially in second-wave of COVID-19,’ says Ford \With cases of COVID-19 surging in Ontario, Premier Doug Ford said Ontario is officially in the second-wave, and how severe this wave will be depends on the actions of everyone in the province. “Ontario is now in the second wave of COVID-19,” Ford said during his daily […]

Thunder Bay - Friday - Trash Edition

Thunder Bay – Friday – Trash Edition

Lots of trash today… Sigh…is this as good as it gets?  And the sign…. and this is still not finished Yellow bag trash in context.  As I stated before,  I would think that people who are receiving free food thanks to the people of Thunder Bay could show some gratitude by putting their trash in […]